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Saturday Morning Talkies with Guest Host Kevin Pina - July 20, 2013 at 9:00am

Saturday Morning Talkies, for July 20, 2013 - 9:00am

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To/Re: "History has shown

To/Re: "History has shown mulatto's
Submitted by segregation Now"

I posted a comment about "segregation Now" at the 11am KPFA show today, substitute hosted by Davey D, archive and webpage, and my comment started out:

Yo "segregation Now": I don't know what kind of *DIVISIVE PROVOCATEUR* you are, or *who* you really are but -- and let me add something else in addition to what I said at the other KPFA show webpage -- WE *DON'T* NEED OR WANT YOU HERE in the Bay Area, and in a very multi-ethnic/multi-cultural coastal California, and in an increasingly multi-cultural country.

Most American-born African Americans are not pure African: we are the *original* multiethnic people in America. Many of us have African, Native American, European, some of us have Latino, and some of us even have Asian and Arab 'blood' too -- and neither you, or anyone else, are going to unscramble this multi-diverse/multicultural mix." And whether you are "Black" and egregiously misguided, or "white" and PURPOSELY TRYING TO TURN PEOPLE OF COLOR AGAINST EACH OTHER, chances are good that your 'blood' isn't pure either, depending on where in this country or even where from Europe your relatives/ancestors are from.

And in such a highly multicultural state, and increasingly multicultural country, this multi-ethnic mix will only *increase* -- and probably *accelerate*. Oscar Grant's partner and mother of his child is Latina!

We in the Justice for Oscar Grant -- Alan Blueford -- Trayvon Martin -- and for all the other precious stolen lives by racist cops, racist wanna-be cops, and racist vigilantes -- HAVE *NO* TIME FOR OR INTEREST ABOUT YOU, "segregation Now".

SO...: *BEGONE*!

Ditto, Emma, on the great

Ditto, Emma, on the great show...Trolls, check your mail for cash from Big Brother and the white separatists, for the 'divide and conquer' work, or read James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time to understanding why you should...when Michael said he was in Bagdhad "before the World Trade Center was destroyed by the 2 planes flying into it" maybe Kevin was distracted or dodged that can of worms on purpose, but really, guys, in the real world steel frame buildings don't fall from fire and have to be taken down w/ the tons of explosives Kevin Ryan and the 'Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth' found in the rubble. People who believe absurdities commit atrocities, and this is the central myth fueling the animus behind the series of wars based upon those THREE demolitions (after the 2 drone strikes, after the air defense stand down) following the explicit instructions to stage domestic terror to enleash the military in the Pentagon's Northwoods Operation) here's Kevin's run down of the demolition operation (or if you don't like Gary Null, Kevin's book is 'Another 19: Investigating Legitimate 9-11 Suspects' and his blog is at

The president is the classic

The president is the classic case of how useless mulatto's are for black people!


I agree a “FANTASTIC SHOW TODAY!!!!” and great job of “guest host, Kevin Pena.”

I caught the last end of the July 20th edition and I agree in a couple of particular ways, though I draw the line to gushing over “Prof. Michael Parenti” and I’ll deal with that first: Parenti was all over the place in his anti-Islamic rant and didn’t know a Taliban from a person practicing Islam (he should earn that doctorate or change fields to gain knowledge of what he is ranting about). If countries want to have Islamic states and rule themselves on rules of Islam, that’s their business (not the business of Americans, whose government is allied with nuclear-armed India whose men regularly throw acid in the faces of India’s women). And if a head of state is elected (call it what you want ─ in the United States, office and office holders are bought and sold and there exists a singular tyrannical party, what I have called in my writing the DSBP, Deliberately Selfish-Blind Party) in their system, regardless to the margin of victory, the winner should serve the term. Removing an elected head of state, for example, for “high crimes” should follow a lawful process (in this country this has happened in California and in various municipalities, in the Richard Nixon presidency, it could be done relatively to high crimes committed by the Obama government: constantly breaching nations’ sovereignty, overthrowing foreign governments, slaughtering South West Asian people with impunity, in the U.S. torturing, surveilling, imprisoning without due process). But whatever processes are chosen by foreign countries, whatever they choose to implement, whatever their actions or reactions, the U.S. should not interfere – doubly so, in my view, because the U.S., UK and France’s motives are rarely if ever clean, moral or nonviolent or in aid of true peace and nonviolence. The Obama government and other “Western” governments are dead wrong in their interference in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, or any other nation. Parenti is right on one thing: the Obama government is as inept as is Parenti in capriciously, expediently cherry picking regimes.

My absolute agreement, Kevin Pena, is that listeners should tune into RT and PressTV (I noticed Parenti reduced RT to superficialities and failed to comment on Iran’s PressTV, I wonder why, it’s not hard to spot an independent thinker and Parenti isn’t one) and a variety of news and information sources (I do) to get a better sense, context, understanding of world and domestic affairs.

Teach you kids how the white

Teach you kids how the white man used black babies for alligator bait and see how they feel! Mine hate them with every fiber of their being!!!!

Conversations with people who

Conversations with people who descend from people who used black womans breast as tobacco pouches sounds like insanity to me!

this country has way bigger

this country has way bigger fish to fry than whether sexual deviants can marry!

Life iamerikkka for so called

Life iamerikkka for so called blacks is like living in a white mans rape dungeon.This forced rape has failed miserably.segregation Now!

History has shown mulatto's

History has shown mulatto's have always turned on their black forefathers check out what happened to the Moors In Spain! And will have no place in a real Black nation

Segregation NOw for a better

Segregation NOw for a better future.I have no use for slavers or there benefactors or mulatto's.You mulatto's can keep sleeping with master! Cops arent killing mullatos


FANTASTIC SHOW TODAY!!!! I really enjoyed the guest host, Kevin Pena, and the whole show today. I rarely ever listen to this program because it is too much like NPR. Today was great! CA Prison Hunger Strike segment and hearing Prof. Michael Parenti was a treat! I did call in and someone on the board hung up on me....I had a good question to ask Prof. Parenti. I really didn't appreciate that. Please be aware that behavior can anger and drive donors away.

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