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Father Figures - July 20, 2013 at 11:00am

, for July 20, 2013 - 11:00am

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Yo "segregation Now": the

Yo "segregation Now": the same racist economic forces that keep the 'hood and the ghetto poor ,and that won't give working class Blacks financing to open up small businesses, are the same racist and imperialist forces that push/force non-Black immigrants of color from their home countries into the 'hood or ghetto to set up mom-&-pop

Yo "segregation Now": I don't

Yo "segregation Now": I don't know what kind of divisive provocateur you are, or *who* you really are, but lots of people "who don't look like us" have been out in the streets *supporting* and *with* us.

Blacks are worth trillions in

Blacks are worth trillions in this country alone.Imagine if you skipped all the holidAYS FOR 3 YEARS!!! tHIS COUNTRY WOULD COME TO YOU ON ITS KNEES BEGGING FOR YOUR DOLLARS! WAKE UP!

If you support justice for

If you support justice for Trayvon...Stop going to mcdonalds{Stop eating meat anyway are you a beast?}Stop celebrating christmas and the rest of these euro homo holidays.You so called blacks need to stop spending money with the parasites in your communities{arabs/asians/and anyone else that dont look like you.It stops when you start to do like everyone does us!

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