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Hard Knock Radio - August 12, 2013 at 4:00pm

Hard Knock Radio, for August 12, 2013 - 4:00pm

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Dear Davey D, “Stop and

Dear Davey D,
“Stop and Frisk” uses gun violence as one excuse for the hyper-policing tactics used against black and brown people. This is again blaming the victims for a system they did not create. Police Commissioner Ray Kelley would like to roll out “Stop and Frisk” across the US via the Department of Homeland Security. He has just been nominated by President Obama to be head of DHS. One of the arguments that Bloomberg made today was that President Obama had not said anything about the nature of “Stop And Frisk” in New York City. We can interpret this to mean that Obama approves, taken together with the fact that Obama has already put forward Ray Kelley to head DHS.
My question to everyone is that: If I can give $100 to any 13 year old black of brown child in any major city in the US to buy me a gun, and get my gun in 30-45 minutes. Why don't or can't our multi-billion dollar police and intelligences agencies know this?
Of course, they know this. So, we can assume that this is the national policy by what we see. The authorities are looking the other way as the guns come into our communities. These authorities then arrest, if they can or want to, the survivors of the ensuing carnage.
You may remember that the City of New Orleans sued 13 gun manufacturers back in 1998 and lost in court, but during that time Bridgeport, Connecticut, Chicago, and Miami-Dade also filed suit. We can assume that these other cities also lost in court. Hold on it gets worse! In 2006 Congress passed and George W. Bush signed into law a gun manufacturers exemption from liability – kind of like the Monsanto Law that Obama signed.
I'm not a big fan of Rachel Maddow, but she got this one right in her segment on guns
Let me finally say that this is a problem that our authorities, starting with Obama, know how to fix, but do not want to or have been told not to fix. In the Maddow Segment the person she interviews describes an illegal transaction, but my understanding is that as much as 40% of hand guns manufactured in the US “walk out the back door” of the plant, and therefore go directly into the underground market. So, Bloomberg and Kelley are using this situation to massively intimidate, incarcerate and even kill our young people. Holder and Obama are literally watching our children destroyed without lifting a finder to help!

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