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Guns and Butter - August 14, 2013 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for August 14, 2013 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"Another Nineteen, Part Two" with Kevin Ryan

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It's a shame that a

It's a shame that a tape-recrding by two nice Pacifica ladies is one of the only "ways we have to learn", especially when our fees, billings, taxes and tuition pay for an extensive network of schools, universities and media outlets. Any book Bonnie mentions CAN'T be had at any public library. Think about that.

The link to the Gehlen crew

The link to the Gehlen crew redirected the course of humanity as the OSS became the CIA of today with bloody footprints all over Iran, Dallas and the collective hell we've left unchecked far too long. Brilliant work Kevin Ryan!

Hey Guns and Butter

Hey Guns and Butter engineers, just FYI: The archive MP3 you have posted only contains the intro / first 30 seconds. If possible, please fix the file so it contains the entire show. Thanks!

Interesting to learn that the

Interesting to learn that the JSOC evolved from the OPC. It was the OPC that recruited, paid and illegally brought to the US the Nazi war criminals from countries like Byelorussia and Ukraine, and which they planned to use in a planned war with the USSR in the 1950's.
Excellent work from Kevin Ryan.

I love Kevin Ryan, I'm

I love Kevin Ryan, I'm recording the last two episodes, I like them so much. Don't like shows about fixing the banking system. Keep up the great work!

I like both 9-11 truth and

I like both 9-11 truth and fixing the banking system. Thank you, Bonnie.

They are very directly related, as Kevin Ryan pointed out, with Wall Street employees in the revolving door between the security state and government employment and Wall Street.

Remember that the CIA was set up by Wall Street lawyers, including Allen Dulles and Frank Wisner (who, interestingly enough, was step-grandfather to the president of France, Sarkozy). The first few years the CIA was funded by Wall Street, crime and graft, until the taxpayers began funding it in 1948.

I am saving these shows as

I am saving these shows as files on my Blackberry so I can listen to them on my hour long exercise walk every morning. I like Kevin Ryan's presentation, but more importantly, he is an important whistle-blower. Very few possess his courage. Great stuff. It is as entertaining as any good thriller.

However, I sense that Bonnie has a more important mission at stake, and that is to educate. As such, her shows on private banking vs. public banking are far more useful, for it is our voluntary slavery to private banking that makes it possible for psychopathic financial thugs to master-mind 9-11-like events and directly benefit from them.

How many times have you been told to follow the money? Bonnie shows you where the money starts. This is not entertainment. This is serious stuff. With Bonnie's shows on monetary reform, we are finally able to remove our shroud of ignorance--to see how the pickpocket is systematically picking our pockets.

Just one research finding on one of her shows alone should be enough to point even the most disinterested person on a new war path to stop the thieving -- "...over 35% of the price that we pay for every item we purchase goes to pay interest costs on debts owed to non-productive financiers..." How many accountants does it take to convince you that this thieving practice is acceptable and that you should only concern yourself with issues that are entertaining?

Bonnie teaches us cause and effect. That is how we learn. That is how we start thinking for ourselves. When we start thinking for ourselves we realize that our accountant was taught by the financiers and is working in the interest of the master rather than his slaves who are more than happy to squander 35% of their purchasing power on supporting psychopathic financial thugs.

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