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Flashpoints - August 15, 2013 at 5:00pm

Flashpoints, for August 15, 2013 - 5:00pm

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David, It's clear you like to

David, It's clear you like to assume things and pre judge, hence the majority of your little rant. Hope you got some steam off your chest there. In 2002, the year of the Olympics in Utah, I was hardly out to anyone and no where near as political as I am now. If I were out like I am now, back then, and as political, I would have been all over that as well. Granted, the US and tolerance for gay people, gay marriage, etc, has come a long way since 2002. And as for the tragedy of Matthew Shepard vs. all of the people in Russia who are LGBT youth and suffering the same type of hate, at least the horrible people who did what they did you him, didn't have YouTube and other forms of social media to show it off. These guys are showing this off for the world to see. If you do a little google searching, you'll see this and I hope you'd be as disgusted as I am over this. This isn't 1998. And I bet you ANYTHING if Edward Snowden was openly gay, the Russians would have kicked his ass out as fast you can say NSA. And please do your research before questioning me on what I already know about being illegal in Russia. Hell I can't believe Jay Leno even said it on national TV. Hell, if you don't believe how bad it is over there, book me and you a flight and let's see how quick I get the boot from that country.

If you want to boycott the show over something the Executive Producer backs me up on, fully, maybe you've lost touch and shouldn't be listening after all. That or maybe your gay politics just aren't that good. Thanks for providing more fuel for future commentaries. Much love.
- Biggz

Mike, it's not surprising you

Mike, it's not surprising you base your "Snowden" comment on conjecture, "...if he was gay". He's not, so you don't know what would have happened. It is also NOT illegal to be gay in Russia as you have stated. This is Russia bashing that you are falling for. Boycott the Olympics? Even American Olympic Gold Medalist, Greg Louganis, who is gay, has gone public that an Olympic boycott is a bad idea. Your baseless claims are fear mongering. Playing into the hands of the powerful elite to do their bidding for them. Commentary based on conjecture and fear mongering is below what KPFA, and Flashpoints for that matter, should be engaged in. It's embarrassing that you "validate" your argument because "Jay Leno said so". You've got to be kidding, right? I'd love to go to Russia. You can pay for your own ticket though. Take a camera crew with you. Do a Flashpoints fundraiser to send you there and you can film how you won't be arrested for being gay. Thanks for sharing the Flashpoints Executive Producer backing you up. Sadly KPFA (Pacifica) is going down the drain. But no wonder. When even Flashpoints stoops this low it's a sad commentary on so-called "progressive" radio. Hasta la vista to my donations and listening to Flashpoints!

It was very disturbing to

It was very disturbing to hear Mike Biggs' commentary at the end of the Flashpoints program. Mike needs to get his FACTS straight. It is NOT illegal to be gay in Russia as Mike is ranting about. Boycott the Winter Sochi games in Russia? Mike, where were you when the Olympic Winter games were in Utah? America didn't embrace same sex marriage. U.S. military had a policy of "don't ask, don't tell". Remember that Mike? Were you ranting about a Utah boycott? Of course not. You describe blogs you've read that show gays being beaten and lured into Fascist attacks. Sure, no different than in the U.S., all the time! Remember the tragedy of Matthew Shepard (among others)? Mike, you are falling into the ridiculous trap set by the far right who is attacking Russia right now. The Edward Snowden incident is a crushing blow to the NSA, Washington DC, Neo Liberals, and Neo Cons. Behind the scenes they are sturring up Olympic boycott specifically to the LGBT community. ANYTHING they can do to punish Russia over the Snowden incident they will promote and propagandize. The Olympics are a huge, epic, and costly undertaking. Any disruption to the games would be fine with the Neo Cons and Neo Liberals. Mike, you should do your research before you continue to spread your garbage on Flashpoints. I thought Flashpoints had a higher standard than to allow this type of fear mongering on it's show. Mike, stop drinking the Neo Con Kool-Aid. Maybe it's time to boycott Flashpoints if this kind of misrepresentation of "facts" is allowed to continue.

Great show especially the

Great show especially the Egypt reporting. Keep it up please!


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