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The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari - August 25, 2013 at 9:00am

The Sunday Show with Philip Maldari, for August 25, 2013 - 9:00am

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While societies, communities

While societies, communities do live with a common core of ideas, those come to people as they live, not by imposing bulk packages, made test-able, upon people compelled to receive those. It is repugnant that the presumption is made that any of those packages not only is comfortably received by even one of the compelled recipients. But to imagine that 100s, or even 1000s of people - children in particular! - will 1. be pleased to have that package shoved down their mind-throat, and 2. will be supported in enjoying their individual tastes and capacities for interaction by acceptance of that material, is a regular height of abomination.
School, like job, like prison, is the wrong place for people. You know it's accurately described as warehousing a body of the army of the unemployed.
As we've been made to hate 'work', the job, or at best, tolerate it -- even work we like or need to do or have done is so encumbered with unpleasant, even unnecessary conditions too often under the eye of a boss, as to become more than undesirable -- like those, we also hate school -- but must do it, must leap that hurdle - then constant hurdles after that. Life is made into series of difficulties, unpleasantries. Have you heard a young student ask 'Why do I have to go to school? I don't like it,' told, 'That's how life is'? Meaning school is preparing people to be placed in constantly undesired positions; the preparing doesn't make it any easier. It's like church, just telling people they have to take it. TINA.
Work is what people are made by. Children are not allowed to make themselves. Because of the abuse of child-labor, privileged children are forbidden from working. Privileged, unlike the children forced to labor throughout the world.
Child labor is different from being a part of the community, where older people, adults, work - and play and all. Now, of course, in capitalism, the work we're allowed to do is the 'job', at which we get paid-ish. So as a choice, it's not desirable. Overall. Children in the 1st world are protected from this. Instead they're forced into school. Get up early, get through morning rushing to get to work - school. Be there - away from people you kiss - the ache for them - for adult for child - for child for adult - long suppressed - as the slaves go to their assigned place relative to creating profit for our Owners. School is abhorrent. Like the job. Variations of this structure do not ameliorate it. Individual relief is not sufficient to obviate the horror.
Public education will arise in these settings as people participate in public activities. People will participate in public activities because we want to be together doing things we need/like to do. The classroom will arise in situ, in place because a person/some people have some common interests questions studies ideas they want/need to share -- relative to a job they're doing (not a job that serves Owners, the people, in socialism, being the beneficiaries, not the Overlords). Or ideas etc relative to thoughts they're having as they work. These are the cores, these are what people want to share because it feels good.
To profoundly understand alienation recognize that we are all students and teachers all our lives, separated by the capitalist structure from living that.
The best commentators on school are the truants. If you didn't know that before, take another look. They're virtually accused of crime; their parents/folks are brought in as complicit in their actions of not attending school. That's how you know their assessment is right.
And this beating up of parents for the child's poor performance in school -- cruelty again. As some people remember, the parents are trying for survival, or in fortunate cases, enrichment of one sort or another, as well as simple maintenance. Taking on the job of inculcating the annoying curricula as well is overburdening.
Often the child's discomfort includes the hostile social relations they experience -- so many of them.
And this 'kid' business! Kid is the happy-go-lucky, kick-up-your-heels, devil-may-care person. Likely there hasn't been such a child.
Children are already inaccurately marginalized into being a different creature from regular people. I don't want to reinforce that abusive misconception.
‘Child’ is cradled - likely, as we all should be, but especially children should be.
The motivation that is natural to people is denied by school – is why children are said not to be motivated.
The content a child has when they come to school – to pre-school, to day care, to infant care by other than their immediate family – is discounted by the curriculum – by the core curriculum.
The mandate is, teach to where the student is. But do that in a room of one professional and 20, 30, 10 or even 2 students. Unless they’ve all come to learn English – though they’ll all have differing degrees of ability there, too --, the teacher cannot provide the specialized curriculum that addresses each one. That lie has got to be acknowledged at last. It accepts the others’ boredom – tells the other students to accept their boredom.
Boredom is different from sitting around wondering....
School is the opposite of education, especially of public education. Where school is indeed like public health care, public food programs, public housing programs (all insufficient in capitalism), education is peripherally connected to any of those. Education is how we live. School is an aberration.

Very interesting and good

Very interesting and good reporting from Susan Ohanian although she is quite hopeless and depressed by her task. I see no hope for the public school system and common core will only alienate students more. A grass-roots movement needs to happen whereupon the students and parents unite with educators and determine what their education will be. Thinking about how this system will be funded will happen as the project moves along. I thought caller Alfonso made good points, which need to be explored at another time.

i' would advise the two

i' would advise the two people you interviewed to listen to those very art6iculate and seasoned high school teachers who commented on the lack of motivation, anti education attitudes of many students and parents in this state and what a challenge it is to teach! The idea the common core is preferable to drill and kill and that critical thinking is preferable to check and guess multiple choice tests is a no brainer. however, it is true that some worn out teachers who have given up on their overcrowdeded classrooms do not want to spend time and energy in learning to teach critical thinking which is understandable. we should make it easier for these teachers to leave the profession with decent retirements and retraining if necessary in another profession. to tie corporate takeover of our schools with a change in the way we teach is unfair i believe. much of what is begingQ8Z4LdL done has been done for years in europe and other more enlightened countries where teaching is considered a high level profession, where schooling from preschool through university is free to all who qualify and high level technical training is available to everyone whether they attend a college or not. natasha wist

Since this "new" proposal for

Since this "new" proposal for education is being funded by Bill Gates, why isn't he a subject of inquiry as to this very archaic form of teaching? He is admittedly limited in his understanding by having Asperger's Disorder, which makes him out of touch with social realities as well as being super-rich, which takes him out of the main stream of human experience. This is an aristocratic, autocratic take-over of public education being re-named "Common Core."

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