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Up Front - September 6, 2013 at 7:00am

Up Front, for September 6, 2013 - 7:00am

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I agree with the commenter,

I agree with the commenter, Oakland Listener/Drupal Developer, who said that the two Syrian American guests had nothing to offer but their own self-righteousness. No evidence or argument. So I can't imagine why they were asked on the show. The earlier commenter, Oakland Listener/Drupal Developer, is also right in saying that Voices of the Middle East did a much better job of challenging leftist orthodoxy on Syria. VOMENA said that U.S. anti-interventionists tend to see Syria only through the lens of anger at their own government and therefore not to ackowledge the legitimate Syrian opposition.

Cal State Professor As'ad AbuKhalil, aka the Angry Arab News Service, was also some of the best analysis I've heard, on the Friday Project Censored/Morning Mix. He said he didn't trust Russian motives any more than American.

Very bad radio. Sonali's long

Very bad radio. Sonali's long explanation at the beginning of the clip about how it was so hard to find anyone to talk to about Syria, so she's just going to go ahead and interview two friends of hers, was exceptionally lame. This was an embarrassing display. Why, with multiple producers, did a program with no paid staff at all run rings around Upfrontt in providing thoughtful and intelligent commentary. This isn't about pro or anti, it's about doing your homework and putting out a professional product. (Although frankly shilling for a misguided propaganda-driven missile strike is not exactly the "alternative" most Pacifica listeners are looking for). If this is the kind of editorial judgment these programmers and producers are exercising, then they need more supervision.

Just listened. I can't

Just listened. I can't imagine that Sonali could not have found some more intelligent opponents to the Assad regime. These two have little more to say than that they are right, as is military intervention, and the world has abandoned them. This week's Voices of the Middle East did a lot more to challenge leftist precepts, without calling for intervention.

Uh-oh. . . just checked in on

Uh-oh. . . just checked in on this page to see whether Upfront had labeled its content to make it subject searchable in Google, as I do from time to time. Looks like I might be glad that, once again, they didn't because I could not be more opposed to any military intervention in Syria, but I'll try to find time to give this a listen and see whether I agree with Catman99 above.

Actually, that's Carman99

Actually, that's Carman99 "below," as this laid out. I thought I'd hit "reply" to his comment.

Dear Upfront, What the …. are

Dear Upfront,

What the …. are you trying to do here with Sonali's reporting on Syria? Everyone understands that there is a small minority of Syrians(15% or less) who are against their current government. However; as we in the global 99% attempt to stop what could spiral out of control, and into a “human species extinction event,” this becomes the height of irresponsibility.

This looks like insanity from Sonali, some kind of global “death wish.” Ms. Sonali needs some kind of serious therapy.

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