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Democracy Now! - September 11, 2013 at 9:00am

Democracy Now! (9 am), for September 11, 2013 - 9:00am

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Democracy Now!

Chomsky: Instead of "Illegal" Threat to Syria, U.S. Should Back Chemical Weapons Ban in All Nations; Chomsky on 9/11, Syria’s "Bloody Partition" and Why U.S. Role Ensures Failure of Mideast Talks.

September 11, 2013

    Obama Delays Congressional Vote on Syria After Russian Proposal
    Syria Admits to Chemical Stockpile, Backs Russian Plan
    Talks on U.N. Measure Resume, Putin Rules Out Threat of Force
    HRW: Evidence Points to Assad Responsibility for Chemical Attack
    Iranian President Seeks New Engagement with West; U.S. Unveils Slight Rollback of Sanctions
    NSA: Thousands of Phone Records Unlawfully Monitored
    Colorado Lawmakers Who Pushed Gun Control Lose Recall Vote
    De Blasio Wins Democratic Primary for New York Mayor
    Neil Young: Tar Sands Site "Looks Like Hiroshima"
    Report: USDA Monitoring Program Fails to Stop Contamination

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25 years ago Amy ripped out

25 years ago Amy ripped out GHWB's throat over his "No quid pro quo" comment in the presidential campaign in the face of end user certificates the Honduran military provided to help us illegally arm the contra death squads in, taking cash from Carlyle business partner Soros to cover 'post 9-11" news (not what leads up to it) and carrying water for our Al Qaeda death squads in Libya and Syria...where Alawite children kidnapped in the Latakia massacre (what happened to the women?) appear in the staged chem attack video...
Amy Goodman, 9-11-01 on KPFA's Flashpoints; "...we go now to the gentleman who's just walked in. Can you tell us your name and where you were, uhm... when the explosion took place?"
EZ; "My name is Ezell Harris. I was just off the bridge by Church street when the 2nd tower went down."
AG; " And what did you see?"
EZ' It came down like a house of cards...there appeared to me to be a series of explosions both on the top level of the building and on the ground..."
There is ZERO possibility of Arab hijackers on 9-11-01 (unless they were working the remote controls for our military). As the greatest source of violence in the world we may well attract millions of potential kama kazi hijackers (who circle the White House on the way to their target?) ...but how the hell would they (or AQ or any foreign power) pull off the air defense stand down and fighter jet maneuvers only the Pentagon and its drone pilots are possible suspects for? here's a '9-11' anniversary reality check

If Chomsky wasn't just

If Chomsky wasn't just playing dumb about the obvious implications of Amy's question, of having 7 countries lined up for destruction after the staging of our 9-11-01 false flag attacks, he should listen to Cynthia McKinney run down the list w/ details about the war machine's plans for Syria
or he could have stepped outside the studio and listened to the demonstration against complicit media visiting Democracy Now! along w/ Fox and the rest

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