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Letters and Politics - September 11, 2013 at 10:00am

Letters and Politics, for September 11, 2013 - 10:00am

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Letters and Politics - Digital Footprints & Big Data

Today we'll be in conversation about all this with Oxford University Internet Ptofessor Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and the Economists' Kenneth Cukier. They have co-written a book called Big Data. But first we'll have reaction from President Obama's adress from last night with Vijay Vijay Prashad <>,
the Edward Said chair at American University in Beirut

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What is so irregular about

What is so irregular about covering the Oligarch el Presidente` who's chauvanism kills people by drone attacks as though 'weddings were in season and Yemen was a major need for so-called "dept of Offense"?

the Sept 11th 2001 thermite bombings of "three" WYC buildings were more important and yet did you cover the deception and lies of CIAs and the FBIs withholding(s) of All-VIDEOs--at all. The lack of sense portrayed by not inculacting listoners w more principles of the IMMORALISM context from 9-11 2001, is not beyond rapproche because Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy allows no court cases of the five in Guantanamo since 2003-2996, but you don't want to relate to the truths of pNAC?

Where's the lacking sense of sobriety gone if not inside the put-Options that you may have invested in? What does an insider look like compared to the outsiders of we planned but could not "fly"sitting w countless water-boardings?

Where did those aero-Jets go at slow-speed on Seot 11th 2001? Where in heck did your pea-Brain go to, man! The people stand against your spiteful reticence...the peace-Warrior,

"R" Addison

So Obama admits its all about

So Obama admits its all about chemical weapons. And the deaths from chemical weapons is a tiny % of the 100,000+ by conventional weapons. And we do not even now if it was Al qaeda or the Syrian government who used chemical weapons. The vast majority of Syrians have been killed by conventional weapons. And many more Syrians have died painfully and slowly from conventional weapons and the small minority who have died painfully and slowly chemical weapons.

Obama makes me laugh darkly when he says when dictators commit atrocities they depend the world to look the other way. By far it has the been the American empire who has committed the most atrocities in the 21st century and post ww2 our "deep state" and too often with the consent of congress, the US government is responsible for the killing of 8 million people. Either mostly directly or by proxy. The US and its western lapdogs were fomenting civil war in Syria almost 2 years before the Arab Spring began.

Seach Roland Dumas, former French foreign minister turning down UK in this nefarious alliance. Their are reports that in the first peaceful protests against Al Bashir Assad's "dictatorship" that the protests were infiltrated by UK/US backed Al qaeda who shot at police and troops first. If this is found to be true, that does not diminish the harsh response by the Syria military. Assad is no angel, however it is the military and police in Syria who persuade Assad whose only credentials are that he had a degree in ophthalmology. So if we don't bomb then the US will keep backing their tool Al qaeda(the deep state uses them or kills them depending on the deep states despicable purposes who they know the despicable Al Qaeda are willing to kill or be killed) to keep the civil war going. This may be way out of the box but I think it is Russia, China and non aligned nations who must deploy in Syria to stop the civil war. The UN as usual would be totally teethless and useless.

If the insurgents win, and Al qaeda affliliates have been doing most most of the slaughtering on the Free Syrian Army side, the minorities like the christians and shiite will be genocided. And Syria will become a fundamentalist state just like the US backed Taliban led Afghanistan in the 1990's and still much fundamentalist inhumane practices go on in so called liberated Afghanistan. And it is no surprise at all that the US has done nothing to stop the production of Opiate crops. They did the same thing during the Vietnma war.

If the US deep state really cared about the slaughter in Syria, they would stop funding Al qaeda and agree to a Russia and non aligned countries peace conference.

IMHO. dahszil, male, usa

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