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Guns and Butter - September 11, 2013 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for September 11, 2013 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"Another Nineteen, Part Five" with Kevin Ryan.  Rudy Giuliani & the WTC; Organized Crime; PROMIS Software; BCCI; Foreknowledge of Collapses; Destruction of Evidence; Tomasetti; AMEC; Turner Construction; Duane Andrews & SAIC; DIA; Defense Information Systems; Outsourcing of Intelligence; Joint Intelligence Operations Centers; QinetiQ; Porter Goss & the Cover-Up; Blocking of Investigations.

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How can the 3 of the world's

How can the 3 of the world's strongest buildings come down under 11 seconds due to fire?

We just need to work on 3 players: Cheney, Rumsfield, and Silverstein.

WTC1, 2, 7 are some of

WTC1, 2, 7 are some of world's strongest building and yet these building all came down in about 10 seconds. This is the only comment we should post to awaken good minded people; to move the sleeping mass to awakening. The world's strongest buildings destroyed in seconds--that's not even a second per floor for the Twins Towers! The rest is a joke--how there's no debris in PA and spit at the Pentagon. Our gov't is killing its own citizens!

Dear Bonnie Faulkner, I have

Dear Bonnie Faulkner,
I have not had an opportunity to listen to the whole series on 9/11,
Another 19, but I have to ask,
"How seriously is all this exhaustive research being taken?"
"The facts don't add up, and need to be sorted out."
Well? Exactly.
Putting the cart before the horse, this exhaustive research on 9/11
is an exercise in futility going nowhere. Unfortunately ,nothing will come
of these revelations because the evident crime of a controlled demolition
has never has been publicly acknowledged....___>_> ||...(!?!)

The empirical evidence shows both towers collapsing to the ground
[into their own footprints] at near free fall speed, in about 10 seconds.
This could only have occurred under a controlled demolition.
The estimates on a pancake collapse for these massive towers was
several minutes in duration.
Even in photos of the rubble, exposed columns are shown to be cut
evenly on a diagonal. This is clearly a sign, and the result of a controlled
And then there's the chemical evidence of thermite residue, and molten
steel in the demolition pit.


Or is the real message in all of this, "Look what We can do! Don't mess with US."
And we get muddled in all the Orwellian "DoubleThink".

Only when this controlled demolition is publicly acknowledged will the other facts,
lies, and betrayals surrounding this horrible event begin to command public attention,
and expose the real culprits.

The best, & most cogent documentary on this crime is, 9/11 MYSTERIES.
The evidence is all there.

Boy would I LOVE to see this

Boy would I LOVE to see this on mainstream media outlets and see how the "establishment" reacts. Great investigative work by Mr. Ryan.

Mainstream media will NEVER

Mainstream media will NEVER touch this because they were TOLD NOT TO! So they are working with the murderers in the cover up.

These shows with Kevin Ryan

These shows with Kevin Ryan are the best I've heard on 9/11 from Guns & Butter or actually from anyone.

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