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Letters and Politics - September 12, 2013 at 10:00am

Letters and Politics, for September 12, 2013 - 10:00am

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Letters and Politics

Frederick Taylor The Downfall of Money


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@Herb Ruhs - I can't believe

@Herb Ruhs - I can't believe you'd lambast Mitch for this program. Both segments were fascinating and explored the topics in a thorough and in depth way. Don't blame the host for the subject matter just because you can't understand it. There is no way you're actually a medical doctor.

Another example of piss poor

Another example of piss poor programing. No doubt the expert interviewed on brain studies did have something to say, but we didn't find out what that was from the interview. Two handicaps existed. First the interviewee did not speak vernacular English, but rather a jargon laden version of english that no doubt works at a researchers convention, but not on the radio for a general audience. Secondly, there was no evidence the interviewer understood anything about the research that the guest was trying to explain and therefore sent him on meaningless tangents. If this was not the absolute worst programing, it deserves to be in contention.RBKtrLK

Regarding no comments

Regarding no comments directed to Sept 11th 2001 on Sept 11th 2013:

What is so irregular about covering the Oligarch el Presidente` who's chauvanism kills people by drone attacks as though 'weddings were in season’ and Yemen was a major need for so-called "dept of Offense"?

the Sept 11th 2001 thermite bombings of "three" WTC buildings were more important and yet did you cover the deception and lies of CIAs and the FBIs withholding(s) of All-VIDEOs--at all. The lack of sense portrayed by not inculcating listenors w more principles of the IMMORALISM context from 9-11 2001, is not beyond rapproche because Ohh-bom-bah-bin-dingy allows no court cases of the five in Guantanamo since 2003-2006, but you don't want to relate to the truths of pNAC?

Where's the lacking sense of sobriety gone if not inside the put-Options that you may have invested in? What does an insider look like compared to the outsiders of we planned but could not "fly" sitting w countless water-boardings—in Cuba?

Where did those aero-Jets go at slow-speed on Sept 11th 2001? Where in heck did your pea-Brain go to, man! The people stand against your spiteful reticence...the peace-Warrior,

"R" Addison

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