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What the Amnesty

What the Amnesty International representative interviewed in last night’s Pacifica Evening News said about the UN Security Council sending to the International Criminal Court those Syrians who had used (there has yet to be independent documentation) or are suspected of using chemical weapons is ridiculous on its face. The reason are these: the United States is the inordinately domineering and oppressive force on the five-permanent UNSC; the United States is arming “rebel” forces who have been accused by Russia and the UN of using chemical weapons, and indeed the biggest global seller/trafficker in weapons of mass destruction, including Sarin Gas; this means, Amnesty is saying, the United States would send itself to the International Criminal Court. Really?

Does this Amnesty representative expect anyone to believe that the United States and UNSC permanent-member allies France and Britain ─ all pushing for one after another war in the Middle East and who along with the United States have neutralized and militarized the United Nations, diminished and discredited the UN and misused and abused the 1945 Charter of the United Nations ─ would send itself to the International Criminal Court?

Just as the United States has reserved the right to maintain its weapons of mass destruction, including poisonous gases, chemical weapons (and once these materials are manufactured and sold and resold and trafficked, no one can find out who gets them and how and when they are used) and the U.S. is not even a member of the ICC. I am sure Amnesty knows all of this but it is, as are many in the West, selective about who should be called before the ICC (African leaders, Syrian leaders, yes; French, U.S., UK leaders, no) or Amnesty is just making noise, knowing that what they suggest won’t happen.

I agree on one thing, which he didn’t say, U.S. presidents and their pertinent presidential cabinets, past and present (including their partners in the defense industry), should be brought before the International Criminal Court in The Hague (U.S. foreign relations violence must be stopped!!). But the case must be brought by an ICC member state or courts that indicted George Bush and Pinochet.

Shame on Amnesty and on the Pacifica News interviewer for not pushing this Amnesty rep with more probing questions ─ whether the ICC takes “a long time” to investigate, prosecute and adjudge is not a valid question in the face of deeply serious matters of global “crimes against the peace” at set out in the Post-World War II 1945 UN Charter.

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