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So i guess war is just a

So i guess war is just a merry football(soccer)match with conventional weapons only? In ww1 out of 16 million killed 2% was due to chemical weapons. The aggressive US backed Iraq invasion of Iran led to a million dead in that war. Just over ten of thousand killed by chemical weapons. The US government's military has led to about a million deaths directly, by proxy or by fomenting sectarian hatred in the 21st century. Post ww2 the US government(empire)is responsible directly or by proxy for 8 million people being killed. Even if the Syrian government did use chemical weapons recently, there is such an outrageous double standard. Many more people die slow and painful deaths from conventional weapons as those who die from sarin or other chemical or biological agents. This Obama "red line" is just causes belli, a thinly veiled humanitarian curtain, to attack Syria to make better the flow of oil and gas from the middle east and Caucasus. The hypocrisy and convolutions are breath taking. "our national interests" extend around the globe. when did all of planet earth become the USA? In addition to this evil, is the evil of destroying so many lives and infrastructures we could have used those trillions spent in these wars and for the benefit of the military/industrial complex so that here domestically and significantly abroad, we could all have citizens income, enough food to eat, clean water, renewable energy systems, and a roof over ever ones head. If there is a God, god must either be cruel, or an imperfect, not everywhere all the time, mercyful god and has spent the last 12 thousand years or so fighting evil in some far flung part of the universe. So more than ever we must get it into our heads that we, not god, must help and love one another if there is going to be peace on earth.

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