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Fund Drive Special - October 11, 2013 at 3:00pm

KPFA Special Broadcast, for October 11, 2013 - 3:00pm

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We have been getting sprayed

We have been getting sprayed almost daily this summer!! I got lots of material which cannot be denied. I even showed it to our local police in Fairfax. They were amazed, but said it is FAA and EPA department ; ) As a mother of two beautiful kids I am extremely concerned. We are experiencing health issues as well ! We would love to have our soil tested and heavy metal toxicology done. This issue is so insane, that many cannot even believe someone would do this. But yes it is real. And I am so glad to sponsor KPFA monthly, because you rock!!! Thank you so much for airing this show!!

Thank you for covering this

Thank you for covering this topic. Chemtrials/geoengineering is killing our planet and all that inhabits it! We all have the right to breathe clean air and this program needs to STOP!! We do NOT consent to breathing nano sized particles of Aluminum, Barium, strontium, and whatever else they include in the spray. Every time they spray our skies heavily, our 5 yr old daughter who has lung disease and Pulmonary Hypertension gets sick and has to be admitted into the hospital! She is like the canary in the gold mine who feels the effects before everyone else due to her preexisting health problems.
Soon Organic crops will fail to grow due to aluminum soil contamination and only Monsanto's Aluminum resistant terminator seeds will grow. Funny how if you follow the money who funds geoengineering and GMOs Bill Gates is a major stock holder of Monsanto and he heavily funds Geoengineering, as well as vaccines! (All Depopulation programs)

If you are mad about this issue and want to raise awareness you may join us at San Francisco City Hall the last weds of the month at 11 am at the Van Ness side of the building. Thanks!

Thanks KPFA. It's about time

Thanks KPFA. It's about time you held a show on the spraying of chemtrail aerosols over our skies. This is a world wide program, and the Bay Area is one of the hardest hit areas. You have been silent on this for far too long. I hope to see your courageous warrior spirit take on this topic, crucial to the survival of our planet and its people.

Yes, my sentiments exactly.

Yes, my sentiments exactly. I'm not mad at KPFA, because they usually have a reason for doing things. Is there someone at the station who can give us the reason for this? But please, not, "not enough demand".

Want to listen

Want to listen

Great ! Thanks so much.

Great ! Thanks so much.

Thank you for talking about

Thank you for talking about the spraying of our sky. The spraying in the Bay Area is brutal, and they are taking away the needed rain for our crops. I am a BIG fan of yours now, and I will be donating.

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