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Voices of the Middle East and North Africa - December 4, 2013 at 7:00pm

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa, for December 4, 2013 - 7:00pm

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this was an enlightening

this was an enlightening show.
if the best argument against BDS is that it is a "feel good" act rather than a "do good" act (whatever that means), or that the perpetrators and supporters of the biggest modern ethnic cleansing will call BDS supporters "hypocrites", then we TRULY have come to a point where we are FINISHED debating it. now it's time to act!
right now, I do not "feel good" about not doing anything! Gaza is being slowly annihilated, and the West Bank/Jerusalem are being uprooted and bulldozed CONTINUOUSLY while we do nothing. Chomsky has every right to do nothing himself, but he is entirely irrelevant if all he can say is don't boycott while these things are going on! that's like letting your kid's fever rise above 105 and doing nothing because you are waiting for Tylenol to come out in organic fair trade first.

furthermore, Chomsky is a white American and it is so arrogant of him to proclaim what is right and wrong for the Palestinians to do about their plight. it's a boycott of companies doing biz with the occupation, for crissakes, they have every right to do whatever it takes to stop their own genocide. it's NO BUSINESS of Chomsky's to tell anyone what to do about that.

good show. I appreciate taking on the topic, and getting it out in the open. now, maybe this false debate will reflect its true insignificance and waste no more time. thanks!

It seems in the past ten

It seems in the past ten years Noam Chomsky only feels comfortable talking or debating when he is speaking to his flock of sheep or debating one from same flock. He has spoken against many injustices domestically and internationally. But, whether he is going senile or whatever, he seems walking on tight rope when it comes to the Israel-Palestine question. In the long historical context it has been super power christian europe that has perpetrated many many more crimes against the Jews than the other super power islam, up until the end of ww2. (Poland, circa 15th century to 1939 was the only safe haven for Jews in europe, and even there their were periods of pogroms. And ironically Germany in the 19th century to circa late 1920's Jews were not persecuted to a lesser or greater degree.). It almost seems that europe created Israel in Palestine to get the Jews out of europe. Indeed, all minorities are scapegoated by the powerful appealing to the dark side of its citizens human nature:fear and hatred, and this has happened in the historical muslim empire too against the Jews. But i have never heard of a stronger condemnation of Jews than that of christianity's "the jews killed christ". btw I am a christian socialist and totally oppose all the violent precepts in christian dogma as well as any religion that has violent precepts. Religions must evolve and revise towards extracting violent precepts in their holy books. And too, our US constitution has much in it that should be revised and evolutionary towards promoting the welfare of we the people here and around the world, and peace in general. The dismantling of the US empire and the "1%" that direct the empire, and become an equal, peaceful, contributor member nation within the world's family of nations would do much to end bloodshed and exploitation on this bitter earth. I know jewish persons and they too are against Israel's actions against Palestinians. And what i fear the most is that Israel's policies and actions against Arabs is mistaken for Jewish rather than Israeli. I fear another great turning against Jews internationally and even zionist jews in israel. Israeli scholar and anti zionist Ilan Pappe knows that the more the Israelis persecution of arabs the more the chance of a world wide persecution against jews who are innocent of Israel's crimes. the book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews by Pappe's colleague Alan Hart shares this same fear

I wonder if Professor Chomsky

I wonder if Professor Chomsky has ever engaged in any discussions with Professor Finkelstein. From what I've heard of his own words on KPFA, Finkelstein has spoken quite a lot about possible collaboration of some Jewish leaders with elements of the Nazi Party who preferred deportation to execution, that the camps were targeted later by the Allies than they could have been because U.S. Jewish leaders prioritized creation of the Israeli state over rescue of camp prisoners, etc. At least that is what I thought I heard from Finkelstein, someone correct me if I'm speaking inaccurately.

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