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The Morning Mix Project Censored - December 6, 2013 at 8:00am

The Morning Mix, for December 6, 2013 - 8:00am

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My other comment was filtered

My other comment was filtered I assume because I linked back to Daily Kos.

Rall mis-represents the situation, specifically:

1. He was not censored. All of his postings to Daily Kos remain.

2. He was not banned. His account is active and he could continue to post if he chose to.

3. He could contact Daily Kos administrators using the email address or comment channel to contact the moderators or the publisher.

4. Rall chose instead to post a self-pitying GNCW diary in response, and not to respond to any comments including those supporting him.

5. Rall is not being persecuted for criticizing Obama, Daily Kos is full of content critical of Obama on a daily basis, including my own.

Instead of addressing this head-on with Daily Kos administrators or members, Rall seems to be taking this to the internet to gain maximum publicity.

KPFA should do a little fact checking by going to Rall's page at Daily Kos and noting the facts of what I state above, and seeing with your own eyes the history of Rall's involvement as well as the response to this controversy on the blog as this contradicts Rall's assertions.

Personally, I find it a little strange that a cartoonist who often employs mockery as a device in his work and who's stock in trade is public criticism is so thin-skinned when it comes to criticism of himself.

And if KPRA is really concerned with issues of censorship, I suggest you go to The Atlantic website to read Noah Berlatsky's criticism of Rall and the various comments, including Rall's, who apparently is now trying to get Berlatsky fired. Oh the irony.

Rall mis-states the facts. He

Rall mis-states the facts. He was not censored at Daily Kos, he got a warning notice. His "offending" cartoon is still up and his user account is still active, so in what way was he censored?

I pointed this out to him in comments to his self-pitying GBCW diary on the site but he never responded in this diary because he obviously wants to use this incident to get attention his work doesn't seem to attract. If he was really sincere to discuss the issue, he could do so there. The site uses community moderation and disagreements about that can be directed back to moderators or users. Rall took his parting shots and slinked-off. His choice.

Link to Rall's (active) user profile:

And the diary with the cartoon:

In my viewpoint, Rall is grandstanding to maximize the publicity he gets from this tempest in a tea pot. A week from now this will be history and Rall will be forgotten if he choses to exclude himself.

Dear Ted,

Come home and talk. Or not. Your choice.

A history of cartoonists

A history of cartoonists being attacked at

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