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Behind the News with Doug Henwood - January 2, 2014 at 12:00pm

Behind the News with Doug Henwood, for January 2, 2014 - 12:00pm

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I listen to this show all the

I listen to this show all the time and for the first time ever I disagree with just about everything you are saying. There is a lot of misdirection hear and oversimplification.

To equate Bono with a whole idea is ridiculous. He seems to argue against open-spource structures such as Wiki and equates them with austerity measures and conservatim--this is laughable. i just dont see it. Conservative forces are very much against opensource and have driven people to suicide over it--Aaron. Copyright is an extension of enclosure laws and capitilist ownership and imperialism. SO I dont get that analogy at all.

Your next guest does the same thing--as do you--equating Malthus with our current situation. I dont care about Malthus's politics or background. I can think for myself. To do associate this awful man with the ins and outs of our current situation and idealism is not honest or justified. Its ridiculous!!!!

I am not familiar with her African question, however, I think she misunderstands--she totally ignores scarcity. I think the African question is probably about food scarcity, famine, and disease--a high rate fo fertility is contributing to this.

In China--she is way off. I have lived in Cina for 8 years, returing only once to the US. I can tell you I dont have a fear of the poor. Overpopulation is a serious serious problem that destroys society. I doubt very much this lady has ever been to China or lived here very long. SHe knows not what she speaks of...sorry. She is just WRONG.

I find her analogies--western cities such as NY and the global south interesting--however, I dont fit into waht she is saying and just can't identify with it. NY, Chicago--all big cities are HUGE HUGE problems and no place I want to live. Its not about be surrounded by clawing crwods of white people or blac people or Asian people--its PEOPLE! I come from rural upstate NY so to me all city centers and suburban sprawl is a blight on humnaity and the earth. But I have seen first hand in CHina, the disatrous effects of over-population on society, on humna health, mental health, and the biosphere. It cannot be understated. YES, overconsumption is a problem--industry is a problem--waste is a porblem--but its people who create these things and people who want more more more. If population isnt part of the problem, then consumerism and capitalism is--and it is. Which makes population a problem. So you have a choice--control population and reduce consumption--or--forbid consumption and return to a green utopia. As much as I want it--most people dont and wont. It would be like the cultural revolutio in CHina--people wont do it becuae they dont understand and there is a lot of awful greedy capitalists among us. SO one thing we can do, in themeantime--as we hope to educate the population of the world in green ways--natural balance--a herculean task--is to control population. Every chinese man and woman wants a BMW and Mercedes SUV. Even if they are ll electric or solar--yeah, right, it will be a disater for the world. Resources are limited lady. limited. And people like to shop. how do you convince 1.2 billion chinese (about to be 20 billion now that they relaxed the 1-child policy)--to mend and sew and visit a local tailor rather than Walmart--their eye gleaming for glitters of western society--delusions. How do you get them to care about the africans and African land--raped! because they want Ipads and smart phones. They DONT CARE! Very few care about the problems in Cina--they shrug thier shoulders and say the econmy is king and i want it NOW! They DONT care! Not about elephants in Africa or the people or the CHines people NEXT DOOR. You thin Americans are individualistic--you havent met CHina. Those who do care are powerless in the face of the trynanical selfish and greedy majority and the oligarchy controlling them. Despair is king in CHina. Its a brae new world---happinees mispelled on every sticker, poster, bumper, notebook and piece of paper. Ignore the decay and brutality surrounding you--just be happy and long for fame and glory! You too can be as rich as bill gates! This is what they believe. DOnt tell them to car eabout litter or neighbors or Africans--they dont want to hear it. The minority who does care live quiet lives of desperation, put their heads down and follow the herd.

If we cant control population---the ONLY solution is to end -END- the consumer society--and that means bloodshed. People just dont understand, and dont care--they cant see beyond thier bubble.

Bonoism is just tweeted Ayn

Bonoism is just tweeted Ayn Rand.

I was somewhat horrified to

I was somewhat horrified to hear the news that my belief that many, if not most, of the world's problems stem from human overpopulation was in actuality "misanthropic" and somehow elitist. It seems to me that humanity has become a negative factor in the health of the biosphere, and that our species-centric arrogance has led to atrocities of monoculture, deforestation, extinction, and pollution. This is leaving aside all of the things which humans do to one another in our scrabble for resources. If the footprint of every human were the same as every other, the world would be filled. In the "first world", we are using far more than our share, and I do not see us willingly giving up that privilege. It is efforts to provide for and satisfy the burgeoning of our species that have resulted in genetic modification of food crops and the impoverishment of the world's diversity.
I believed that I had taken a responsible and forward-looking decision in consciously avoiding procreation. I still feel that there are just too many humans. I DO NOT want to force people not to breed, and certainly not on any geographic or social scale. I just don't see a way out for the planet as a whole if our focus remains on domination and expansion rather than coexistence with nature.

I think under the

I think under the circumstances, there is nothing wrong with forcing 2 and 1 child policies. I live in China, and I can tell you first hand--overpopulation is extremely destructive to the environment--wildlife, natural areas, beaches, urban life--light pollution, waste, aesthetics, noise, peace of mind--we are caged rats--overstimulated by our surroundings and it is taking a huge toll on our physical and mental health. Food quality degenerates--in many cases not edible or safe or human consumption--on and on and on and on...

population needs--MUST--be controlled--i dont see why its such a big deal. People do not have necessaruly have the right to reproduce in a dying ecosystem. There nothing immoral about it. People have this monstrous notion about birth-control but it it is actually the moral and ethical thing to do. Its time for people to grow up. Its no big deal. We live in a community. We are not just individuals--until people realize that we will continue to fling shit at each other like bamboons.

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