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Your Own Health and Fitness - January 14, 2014 at 1:00pm

Your Own Health and Fitness, for January 14, 2014 - 1:00pm

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Your Own Health and Fitness

Environmental consultant Cindy Sage, editor of both the Bioinitiative Report of 2007 and the new updated Bioinitiative Report of 2013 unpacks the results of over 1800 new studies showing harm to health from wireless technologies. Special attention is paid to the risks for children and developing fetus. 

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Time will eventually make our

Time will eventually make our governments do the right thing. How many died from asbestos before government finally got it. This is no different. A side bar, government knows cigarettes kill. That they are still available is proof enough how much government values human life.

Obviously our elected

Obviously our elected politicians are not knowledgeable, and appear to be unwilling to acquire knowledge which contradicts their wishes to use electro magnetic frequencies in their daily lives for conveniences, such as cell phones, WiFi and "smart meters", etc.. This appears to be a very hazardous experiment being conducted on all humanity, sponsored by politicians and industry. Twenty years, or so, from now it may be blatantly obvious that this "experiment" has radical results that have terrible consequences which we should have avoided.

I agree. The main problem is

I agree. The main problem is that a generation must go by (i.e. twenty years) before the true nature of chronic conditions becomes apparent. Unfortunately, by that time many other factors may contribute to "muddy" the cause (e.g. chemtrails, GMOs, etc.). So, industry and the politicians will have an "out" of sorts. It will be interesting to see how the insurance companies take this on. Here in Canada there have been fires obviously caused by the installation of Smart (sic) Meters. Of course the power companies deny this link.
I believe, just as we adopted "no smoking" in the workplace (e.g. restaurants), that this (WiFi, etc.) will be the next "second hand smoke" issue for employees.
Where is the precautionary principle? I hope everyone has seen "Full Signal" ( and has read the conclusions of Dr. Henry Lai at the University of Washington regarding DNA and EMR (
We are definitely in trouble and must act to stop this insanity!
Greg Shea (Lake Cowichan, BC)

Great show! Too bad the

Great show! Too bad the government is wireless crazy .. and forcing these carcinogen on us .. for the growth and profits of the telecommunications industry.. and for surveillance of us in our homes.

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