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Flashpoints - January 28, 2014 at 5:00pm

Flashpoints, for January 28, 2014 - 5:00pm

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Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for educating the public about the danger of chronic Lyme Disease! You are doing a huge public service. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for all of your

Thank you for all of your time and dedication to this topic...I hope your efforts will inspire others to do the same..

Bravo - another excellent

Bravo - another excellent radio broadcast, thank you Dennis for tackling Lyme Disease or should I say Chronic Borreliosis. It was great to be able to listen to this here in the UK and listen to your two knowledgeable researchers. Best wishes to their new Foundation Paul Duray Foundation working on Lyme MS pathology.
How can it be that thousands of patients the World over who fall into a chronic illness following tick bite, bulls eye rash make significant improvements on long term courses of antibiotics and yet that huge body of data is ignored and not investigated further by our Health Authorities - in economic terms alone it makes no sense to deny this disease in it's chronic form.

Thank you for inviting these

Thank you for inviting these excellent speakers and giving publicity to vital facts which impact the lives of potentially millions of people around the world.
It is sad that there is an official cover-up at the highest level of the facts concerning chronic Borrelia infection.

Finally ,the other side of

Finally ,the other side of this story is being told.Mr. Berstein thanks again for your efforts in getting the word out. Another revealing show.

There are so many people

There are so many people around me here in NY, CT, & NJ who have this. It is UNBELIEVABLE how many people have gotten bit. I started asking around randomly & I am dumbfounded by the number of people. There are 5 family members on my own, with another one with new symptoms.

This is A BIG PANDEMIC now & nobody is doing squat about it. Someone needs to step up & be the spokesperson. Someone needs to wake up the world!!! Thanks to all who are dedicated their time & lives to this. I know that life is just not the same anymore & I wish to help others as well.

Husband suffering for 6 or

Husband suffering for 6 or more years and is finally diagnosed correctly but insurance refuses to pay. He's a former athlete, trainer,, health and physed teacher who is disabled..lost 2nd level appeal w insurance company.. they rather him die than pay.would like to report them to the media..any suggestions?

It is frightening; Lyme is so

It is frightening; Lyme is so prevalent, and there is such a huge cover-up over it. Here in the UK, local to me, the New Forest is a Lyme hotspot, yet nowhere are there any signs warning people to cover up to avoid being bitten by infected ticks. A friend was infected TWICE by Lyme after visits to the New Forest, but she was on antibiotics for a skin infection at the time and managed to fight it off. There are signs warning people about a disease killing dogs in the New Forest. Either the authority running the New Forest cares more about dogs than people, or they are scared that if people know they are likely to be infected by bites from deer and sheep ticks they will stay away and not spend tourist money there. I was diagnosed with ME 23 years ago. We really have to push to be tested for Lyme if we suspect we have it; doctors refuse to test for Lyme. It's like a conspiracy to pretend it doesn't exist.

Thank you for your bravery in

Thank you for your bravery in airing the Lyme disease programs. BRAVO ! As a nation, we can not turn our backs on this problem any more. Every person in this Country is just one tick bite away from a lifetime of disability. I was bitten by a tick in 1956 while camping with my family at a State park in Connecticut. I was only five years old.
It took 30 years for my two TBD's (tick bourne diseases) to be diagnosed and for doctors to begin treating me. At that time, I did not know another Lyme patient. That soon changed as I began to travel the Country interviewing others. It is an incredible journey.

Thank you so much, Dennis.

Thank you so much, Dennis. I'm a Berkeley resident for 35 years who has had Lyme for about 40 years, my doctors estimate. I moved here from Philadelphia in 1977. Since then I caught the computer wave in 1980, became a successful author of over 45 books about computers, earned a masters degree in psychotherapy, hosted a classical and jazz music series called Hillside Concerts for 20 years. However, then I was laid low ten years ago by my third bout with Lyme. This time it has manifested as what my local movement disorders MD is calling Parkinson's. Now I shake so much it's difficult to do much of anything. At 50, I had to retire. I'm living on Social Security Disability Insurance. In the last ten years I have spent easily $100,000 trying to get well. Five Lyme literate doctors believe I have Lyme disease and I just tested positive for a Lyme culture test. That means I still have active Lyme bacteria in my blood. I have learned so much about Lyme that I have become organizer of two bay area Lyme support groups - one in Marin and one in Oakland - at Marin General Hospital and Kaiser Hospital, respectively. Unfortunately, my treatment started so late that it is not clear whether I will ever recover.

I host a Lyme blog, reporting the latest research in Lyme and Parkinson's, if you are interested:

I would be happy to appear on your show. Thanks for the good work, Dennis.

Bob Cowart

Bob I have been keeping up w

Bob I have been keeping up w your log and it's extremely candid and revealing. Its been helpful to my husband and myself. We have 2 Lyme literate doctors as well as a Columbia neurologist stating he needs treatment but just list our 2nd level appeal w horizon Nj.hes a former athlete, coach and teacher who can't work until he gets treated. He has no income and not entitled to disability. His nlood work is inconclusive so they won't pay. What test were u referring to that you recently had? Also how can we alert the media of the ins. Situation.

Thank you so much for taking

Thank you so much for taking this on!! This is a horrible disease and right here in California. We live right outside Sacramento and several people in our little community are sick with Lyme. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Did I say thank you?!

Kudos to Dennis Bernstein and

Kudos to Dennis Bernstein and KPFA for taking on the complex, complicated issues surrounding the controversy and pathology of Lyme disease. Mine is the familiar story of years of eroding health, misdiagnoses, dismissal by the medical community, disabling symptoms and an eventual collapse of health (and an entire life) that finally led to a correct diagnosis. Five years of treatment later, including over 2 years of IV antibiotics, I've finally crawled out of that deep dark hole. (By the way, Alan McDonald, you are my hero.)

Please continue with your

Please continue with your Lyme education series. Only when you have the personal connection with Lyme and how it totally turns lives upside down do people really start to listen. As in the past, with AIDS, do people start to realize that there cannot possibly be this many people who are sick from "nothing".

Additions to the dialogues

Additions to the dialogues discussed on the January 28th program in the Continuing Lyme Disease Education Series.
The following web video lectures are Freely available for viewing, download, or distribution:
Additional resources on Alzheimer's and borreliosis:
Judith Miklossy MD PhD ScD personal Website: Alzheimer's and borrelia/Lyme
Alan B. MacDonald MD website:
Research on the Multiple Sclerosis / borreliosis/lyme connection
Thanks for having an interest in Chronic borreliosis syndromes
which ruin the nervous system of human beings.

dennis, thank you again for

thank you again for your continued, ongoing LYME-VECTOR-BORNE DISEASE discussions from tom grier and dr. alan macdonald!

that 35+ minutes just flew by learning many important things that are COVERED UP by the drs. community.

i hope you will have both tom and alan back again in the future.

bettyg, iowa activist
44 yrs. chronic lyme patient
35 yrs. MISDIAGNOSED by 40-50 drs. UNACCEPTABLE!
looking forward to hearing the latest from UNDER OUR SKIN lyme documentary, andy wilson's, latest comments.

thank you to your radio show for doing this major EDUCATION of the entire public without censoring what is actually going on!

This series of interviews not

This series of interviews not only educates the public and medical professionals, but also brings great hope for positive change in the quality of care for the many suffering from this disease. On behalf of all of us in the Lyme commmunity,we thank you deeply.

Very good show. I wanted to

Very good show. I wanted to mention that in starting the program with a tribute to Pete Seeger, you were keeping with the lyme theme. Pete himself had lyme disease. See this story:

When did this multi-part

When did this multi-part series on Lyme disease start? Was it Monday January 27th? Why did you ask on Monday for helpers with a special fund drive and Lyme program that didn't occur on Tuesday January 28th?

Thank you for covering this

Thank you for covering this very important issue. You're educating a lot of people about Lyme disease. Please continue shedding light with this investigative reporting.

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