Community Advisory Board Meeting - October 11, 2008, 11am, Minutes

  Community Advisory Board Meeting October 11, 2008, 11am 1929 MLK Jr. Way Berkeley, CA 94704       Minutes:   I. Introductions:   Donald Goldmacher Concerned about listener viability and internal strife KPFA is a great progressive resource   Beth Byrne San Francisco resident Involved in labor rights Wants to get involved at KPFA   Juanita San Jose resident Went to school in Berkeley Works with low income families Interested in immigrants' and women's rights KPFA isn't as well known in the Southbay as it could be   Nancy Grew up in Oakland Areas of interest include antiwar, disarmament, civil rights, the women's movement, Israel/Palestine, and fighting the school-to-prison pipeline Sings KPFA is great and has a long way to go   Karega Was an auto worker in Detroit, was active politically there Is currently active in San Mateo as Vice President of a union) and faculty of (school name) in the Labor Studies department   Rose Works with the KPFA News Department and Free Speech Radio News, graduated from the News Training and Apprenticeship Programs In attendance as a liaison and note taker Came to Berkeley from San Jose to work against the Iraq war at KPFA   Carl Has been a life-long journalist on the left Writes for the and is a moderator for Wants to promote alternative media   Tom Jackson Involved with labor issues Advocates for young people Wants to increase the safety net for families. Don volunteers to act as chair for the current meeting Karega suggests a rotating chair There is some agreement and there are no objections Beth volunteers to take notes Karega agrees to act as chair for the next meeting, provided that it is scheduled at a time when he is able to attend it   Tom says he feels strange because there's no context or history for the CAB but that he finds all it's members to be connected to the community Nancy says the CAB is an autonomous body Karega requests Notes from the last CAB Meeting & some history Don reads an except from B. in the CPB Requirements document Tony requests information/presentation on "Major Policy Decisions" Juanita suggests that one CAB Member should attend the next LSB Meeting Don points out that the group is advisory and has no direct power over programming or policy decisions Juanita moves that the KPFA CAB get in touch with another station's CAB All in favor Motion passes Juanita volunteers to do outreach to other CABs Rose suggests that Juanita call KQED and KALW.   Tony proposes that each CAB Member indicate what their community connections are and that the group find out what the gaps are. Tony suggests that CAB Members look into how the station is currently relating to various communities.   Tony's connections and interests list: City of San Francisco, Public Schools, wants to eliminate racially divided tracks Racial-economic & Social Justice Issues Working with non-profit developers to increase family friendly housing in San Francisco Appreciates that KPFA is covering Prop B, an affordable housing, election item, but would like to see more proactive, ongoing coverage of issues   Carl News programming, especially programming about the economic crisis What's going on isn't being made clear enough by the media to the average person 5 million people could lose their homes during this housing crisis Working class issues KPFA should have been there @ the Senior Action Network event this past Wednesday In the 60's it's the sort of event where KPFA would have been on the scene Part of movement building is connecting these community groups   Karega We need more news and analysis Likes David B.'s show Interested in women's issues, Oakland women's economic agenda Poverty elimination Single payer universal healthcare Healthcare is a human right Union members who are losing their healthcare   Nancy Likes Doug Henwood's show and thinks KPFA should be helping make the connection between financial matters and the economy - make the economic crisis comprehensible to the average person Cut through the myth that providing loans to poor people is what caused this Analysis that connects the dots is needed Immigration is an important issue... Kids are getting abused in public schools, for various reasons, but do not report it because they are afraid of ice Kitty Kelly Upstein used to talk about education-related issues on Friday nights   Juanita Low income families Podcast listener Likes Against the Grain and Democracy Now Connections are low income women's issues and childcare   Beth Listens to KPFA online Interests include immigration and affordable housing Thinks KPFA should be targeting younger listeners and getting youth involved   Don Class war Who has power and who doesn't Who has $ and who doesn't It's all about money and power & it's going to get uglier Capitolism has been out of control Doug Henwood does a good job on Saturdays Interests include the arts (ie: cover to cover) KPFA does a reasonably good job covering new documentaries The website should be used an outreach tool   Don - How do you reach out to young people? Beth - What are they doing in terms of music? Juanita - The current Spanish-language music programming seems to be geared toward an older audience Tony - got youth involved at KPFA through New College. When young people are on the air, there's buy-in that leads to the desire to learn more Nancy - Partnerships with community-based organizations, like the Ella Baker Center Don - doesn't think it's this board's responsibility to fund raise Beth - a show/time slot that is well-known as a vehicle for new bands to get their music played on KPFA would increase involvement by young people Tony - Hosts a youth performance event   Missing connections include: GLBTQ Environment International perspective   Nancy - BET does good work covering Richmond Don - environmental coverage is hit or miss. There should be a concerted effort to inform and educate Tony - KPFA should explore the environment as it related to development. Toxic sites. Lenar. Don - we could come up with some ideas to give to management about issues that are or are not being addressed Carl - People usually listen to the radio at different times. Maybe a show like Doug Henwood's ought to be on at a different time  

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