KPFA CAB Meeting Notes 3/14/09

 KPFA CAB Meeting Notes 3/14/09 Attending: Tom Jackson (facilitator) Don Goldmacher Beth Byrne Nancy Polin Juanita Mena   Roll Call   Agenda items   1. Housekeeping   2. Reviewed #2,3,4 and requested information to clarify these three.   3. Decide how to break up listening to current programming to familiarize ourselves with the programming.   4. Confirm the seven cab member commitments and come up with a plan to keep a seven member CAB going. (tabled until next meeting)   5. Standing for people who come and attend these meetings to give input or suggestions. Tom: Lets make an agenda. We figured out our role - it's an advisory one. We talked about our backgrounds and discussed who we should reach out to. We need to do some content analysis and should figure out how to divide that up.   Nancy: I'd like to see if there's any way we could streamline setting meetings. This is the second official meeting and this is the fourth time Beth and Tom have been to the station.   Tom: Ideally at the end of each meeting we should pick a meeting time. We should make sure the meetings get notified properly. And also we should have an agenda before the next time we start.   Don: We're supposed to meet quarterly.   Tom: Let's move it along.   Beth: We should pick a Saturday once a month to meet.   Rose: 2nd saturday of every other month, starting May 9th, at KPFA, at 11am. I will make sure that the meeting is properly notified.   Don: Second Saturday of May, Second saturday of July. Agreed.   Tom: We should have a working agenda that circulates ahead of meetings. Tom will write a skeleton agenda and take input until the day before the actual meeting.   Don: We talked about how to bring new audiences in and how to bring in young people. But before we can do that, page 3 of 4 of the handout (CPB: Community Advisory Board Requirements) gives some good guidance. #2. is the most important thing to accomplish. Then we can get to #3. ASK PROGRAM DIRECTOR: "Is there a document that defines the programming goals of KPFA as well as the mission statement of KPFA."   Nancy: At our meeting in September, we talked about some of the things that we would like to see more of as far as programming and then decided that we need to become more familiar with. We got assessment reports via email.   Tom: Don has a proposal to talk about item #2. We put in a request. Then we could talk about item #3. ASK MANAGEMENT TO DEFINE COMMUNITY SERVICE that #3 refers to. #5 DEFINE "SIGNIFICANT POLICY DECISION. HOW DO SPD GET MADE? WHAT ARE SOME EXAMPLES FROM THE LAST YEAR." Should we familiarize ourselves with the day to day programming?   *unanimous agreement*   Beth: Since there are 7 cab members we can each take one day of the week and listen to the programming.   Juanita: Because the programming is different every week we should listen to 4 days before our next meeting to have a better understanding of what is on the air.   Nancy: During fundraising time the programming is different so we should listen to at least one day during the fundraising period.   Tom: We need a list of some kind to think about while we are listening to our programming.   Beth: I will compile a checklist of criteria to email out   Don: The list should contain education and cultural needs, range of topics covered   Nancy: What kinds of events are on the community calendars   Don: When we first met, we developed a lot of stuff on our own interests and whether there's stuff we wanted to pull from there. Lets go through the list of issues we brought up at an earlier meeting and have sort of a checklist for during our listening.   Juanita: Lets make a note of how often the community bulletins happen and what the subject matter is.   Tom: We can generate advice about whether the programming goals should change?   Don: Is kpfa organized enough to maintain a focus on this on a daily basis from policy analysis to how they get through the economic crisis. Are they informing the public on how they get through this. Is there a strategic focus on this? How do they deal with resources, etc.   Nancy: A lot of times what happens on kpfa is that everyone has their turf. Every group on kpfa has very significant issues. Homeless, youth, etc. It gets very boxed up, not enough connecting the issues and how they relate to each other.   Tom-The struggles are all isolated and so when they are reported it's possible that is how they come across   Juanita- Would changing that be a major policy change?   Don- If i was a manager and he got hit with something like this the management team would meet, kick ideas around and come up with ideas of how to link together all these issues through the economic crisis.   Juanita: One way to start to see if our days have daily themes or connectivity between themes   Nancy- do programs cross reference other issues, pull in people from 3 or 4 areas and have a panel discussion. It feels competitive to have all these issues wanting commitment.   Tom proposes opening up for questions   Virginia Browning (Guest): Appreciates the meeting, would like to see staff meetings, likes KPFA. Great ideas. Pacifica is having a big financial crisis.   Brian Shiratsuki: There was a community needs assessment done in 2005. The problem was the narrow definition of community. You need to find out what the needs of people who aren't listening are. I don't know that seven people can do something without sampling the broader population within the signal area. Look outside your group.   Juanita: Do other public stations have higher rates of audience?   Tom: Yes. That's always been our intention. We're all connected to different segments of the population and intend to branch out and talk to folks who aren't involved with.   Don: From your perspective, who d you think the station is leaving out?   Brian: Public radio in general has a problem with listeners under 50. All the Pacifica stations are missing that. People are podcasting though.   Tom: Works with youth and thinks there are things we can advise KPFA o d that would bring younger people in.   Nancy: I think it would be fine if we all said, I'm on the CAB and I'm doing this thing. People I know could give informal talks with friends.   Don: Move to adjourn. *unanimous agreement*   Tasks: Beth Email checklist for programming and notes Get commitments from all 7 cab members   Tom Set a skeleton agenda to email to the cab   Everyone: Listen to your day 4 times before may 9th meeting Make suggestions to the agenda no later than Saturday, May 2.  

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