KPFA CAB Meeting Notes 7/11/09

  KPFA CAB Meeting Notes 7/11/09   Attending: Beth, Tom, Nancy Community members: brian, sally   Recruitment Beth no more than 9, Nancy agrees, so does Tom. Goal for number of cab members: goal of 9 people, we will settle for 7 balance of men and women, people of color, must be willing to meet and be committed. (Absolutely no meetings on 2nd Saturdays that the LSB meets)   (sally) Cab meeting at the wrong time, suggests that we change the meeting date to not conflict with the LSB.   (brian) Suggests looking at kpft's, kqed's cab to see what they are all about.   Sally: East Oakland recruitment (youth education service) 18-30 One page description of what the cab is to help recruit folks.   Community Needs Assessment Add in a questioner to board ballots?   Docs to Request: Community needs assessment (online, through emails to our contacts, on air suggestions) Is there a budget for this? Can you describe the process of analysis data? Where do issues fall in programming? When is our role done? How many samples per listener/non-listener? Can we set a timeline of when this will be release/implemented?   (Brian) 98% non listener would be accurate.   Email the national elections (Les national. Renee local) about including in ballots.   Group of students designing a survey for the July mailing to members. Surveys for non members who listen, used to donate, etc. ?   Tom We should outreach to organizations with large groups, large gatherings, website, on air stuff, mail to members, students,   Survey should consist of: Small demo section 3 top priorities to be covered on radio with examples of check boxes with space for something not listed grade the station on how well they are doing definition of listener and non listener when would/do you listen/likeliness to listen   Tasks: Beth-Ask Renee about mailing surveys with ballots Contact the station about budget for Community Needs Assessment Request above from station Set up an email address for people to send resumes to be considered for cab.   Tom: Email kpft/kqed and cpb stations cab to find out their recruitment process 3-5 question survey- draft   Nancy: Write a short description of the cab for recruiting new members   Nancy, Tom, Beth: Send out the recruitment letter to orgs/folks who can commit to meeting   Sally's email: send her the assessment and email address for cab consideration?  

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