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A Musical Offering

Explorations deep into the language of music.� There's a lot that's Bach, and a lot that's not.

Across the Great Divide
America's Back 40
Blues By The Bay

A lively mix of jump raw edged gutsy soulful blues, it’s also your first place for event announcements.

About Tom
For over 25 years, this Chicago native has hosted this popular blues radio show highlighting this Afro-American roots art form from its rural country roots to the urban manifestations and regional flavors that encompass the genre. Also founder and head cat of the internationally recognized San Francisco Blues Festival, Tom was awarded the WC Handy Award in Memphis, Tennessee for Concert Producer of the Year.

Brazilian Music
Con Sabor

Luis Medina hosts this program focusing on the finest in Salsa, Latin Jazz, Afro Cuban, Afro Caribbean music from the classics to the latest! Interviews with local and visiting artists, music news, ticket giveaways and the community music calendar are also featured on Con Sabor.

About Luis
Raised in the San Francisco Mission District, Luis has maintained his community links working with such community events as the yearly San Francisco Carnaval, the San Francisco Jazz Festival, SF Jazz Spring Season and the Stern Grove Festival. Luis has been honored with the 1999 Espiritu De La Musica Latina award and the Lifetime Achievement award for radio excellence by the 2002 San Francisco Salsa Congress.

"Longtime Bay Area broadcaster Luis Medina has become a very respected producer, public relations person, promoter, and master of ceremonies; an incredible asset to the scene." Latin Beat Magazine, May 1994

Crack O'Dawn

With Barbara Golden

Dead To The World
Discreet Music
Ear Thyme
Early Morning Jazz
Early Morning Music
Early Morning Music
Early Morning Music
Early Morning Music
Early Morning Music

Eclectic musical choices, free of genre boundaries with jazz accents and spoken word, a collaboration of Lewis Sawyer & Chuck Scurich, two listeners whose lives have been completely absorbed by the KPFA Experience.

Forms And Feelings

Timeless music "sometimes conveniently described as jazz." Miles, Mingus, Monk, Duke, Sun Ra, Coltrane and beyond.

Friday Night Vibe
In Your Ear

A cool fusion of jazz and Latin music, giving voice to musicians deserving wider recognition, and showing that jazz and Afro-Caribbean music are separate, but "branches of the same tree" as the late Afro-jazz pioneer Mario Bauza used to stress. Interviews with artists like John Gilmore of the Sun Ra Arkestra, Leroy Jenkins, Billy Bang, and Andy and Jerry Gonzalez are highpoints of Art’s radio career thus far.

Live From Aztlan

A funk oriented musical serving of hip hop, oldies, soul and Latino sounds deeply fried in East Bay grease. In previous programs, the G-Spot ‘s featured presentations have included interviews with War, Rick James, the Commodores, Morris Day, George Clinton, Joe Battan, Li’l Willie G, Pete Escovedo, Angela Bofill, and Roger & Zapp.

Music Department Showcase
Music of the World with Avotcja
Music of the World with David McBurnie

A layered mix that is unpredictable and cutting edge with innovative dance textures.

About David
For 18 years, David McBurnie has been hosting music programs here at KPFA with his unique global perspective. Born in NYC and raised in Port of Spain, Trinidad, in the Caribbean, he’s absorbed diverse musical influences that he has shared on the long-running “Spirit of Carnival,” “Rhythm Drive,” and now “Music of the World.”

Music of the World with Doug Edwards
Music of the World with Kutay

Contemporary traditions of world music, with an emphasis on acoustic folk and classical traditions are presented with information about the land, culture and history of the people. Kutay Derin Kugay brings music and culture from distant lands to Bay Area audiences, including occasional live musicians and guest scholars in KPFA's studios. A broad spectrum of world music is honored in this program, from Asia to Africa to Eastern Europe, Southwest Asia, the Mediterranean and everywhere inbetween.

About Kutay
Kutay is a graduate of Art and Film studies at San Jose State University. He started with composing music for his films, worked in Germany and Turkey in films and has been collecting music for over 40 years. He has taught at San Jose Community College and worked at Stanford University.

First at KUSF, then at KPFA in 1987-88, Kutay began with a monthly program called Music of Afro-Asia, then a weekly program, Music of the World, on Mondays. Being of Laz national descent he loves the furious rhythms of Caucasus, Arabic lullabies, Persian and Indian classical, Greek blues and Turkish/Kurdish/Armenian/Balkan chants. Kutay Derin Kugay is the co-founder and program director of the San Francisco World Music Festival and is owner of 7/8 Music Productions, a San Francisco based record label and international concert production company.

Music of the World with Stephen Kent

About Stephen
In a musical journey that began in England in the late 1970's, composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist and radio DJ Stephen Kent has blazed a trail across five continents, living at various times in the UK, Spain, Australia and the USA. His musical scores, composed for theatre, circus and dance companies, have received international acclaim and his work as a performer and recording artist has established him as a unique talent in the global music scene. He is one of the foremost exponents of the Australian Aboriginal Didjeridu in contemporary music. Both as a solo artist and in group collaborations with Trance Mission, Beasts of Paradise and Lights in a Fat City, his ground-breaking work has helped to redefine the sound of one of the world's most ancient instruments.

Music of the World with Victoria

Tuesday's Music of the World features a mixed bag of selections from different genres, including Roc en Espanol/ Latin Alternative and Electronic Music. The program has been described as mix of folkloric, electronic, urban, and spiritual.

About Victoria
Victoria came to KPFA in 1997 through the Apprenticeship Program as part of the first and only apprentice group to focus on music production. Victoria has always had an ear for music, a pulse on the beat of contemporary sub culture, and a passion for innovation. From her early urban immigrant upbringing to her formal academic training in cultural studies at Berkeley, Victoria has remained committed to the arts as an essential form of cultural expression. Beyond music, her interests include spoken word, pots and pans, pop clutter, and design. She enjoys bringing hybrid sounds to you every Tuesday morning.

Musical Colors

A jazz world experience. Explores a variety of textures with a cross pollination of jazz, world and Latin influences.

Night Magic
No Other Radio Network

"The No Other Radio Network," has pioneered and provided a forum for underground, electronic, industrial, psycho acoustic, and technogrunge music. This weekly midnight program gives public access to musicians who would not be able to get their sounds heard because they do not conform to the commercial, conservative, censored, make-believe media mold in the USA. Listeners to the program can also send in their contributions, giving a true validity to the home taping music scene.

Off The Beaten Path
Panhandle Country

Traditional Country, Bluegrass, Cajun, Western Swing, Old Time Sting Band, Country Jazz. Recorded music, interviews, specials and live music.

Web site:
email: tom[at]

Pig In A Pen

Bluegrass and Old Time String Band Music. Recorded music, interviews, specials and live music.

Pitch A Fit

Free form style with doses of rock, techno, R&B, punk, soul, metal, standards, soundtracks, indie, spoken word, and things that haven't been invented yet.

Ritmos De Las Americas

Music from the Americas, from Brazil to the Carribean to Latin America, with a little roots and some occasional Mariachi/Blues for the soul. Email for playlists. Gracias!

Roots Kommunikations
Settin the Standard
Sing Out!

Folk and not so acoustic music.

The Big Thang
The Bonnie Simmons Show

A mix of singer/songwriter, folk, rock, soul, country, and R&B.

The Gospel Experience

One of the longest running gospel music shows in the Bay Area.

The Hear & Now

"from singer-songwriters to avant-garde jazz; old faves, new voices, and live performances"

The History Of Funk

Two hours of the strongest, stankiest, uncut fonk anywhere on the airwaves.

The Johnny Otis Show

Classic R&B.

The Late Night Hype
The Reggae Express

Go with the flow reggae music mix. Traditionally the program begins with the Bob Marley Roadblock, a live recording of Marley music because you know anywhere you went to see B.M. there was going to be a roadblock.

Rock en Rebelión

Rock en Rebelión es un programa de radio cuyo proposito es la difusion de musica y cultura alternativa. Nuestro objetivo es crear un espacio informativo y musical, que se aleje de los esquemas, estereotipos, y resulte dinamico!

Transitions On Traditions

Jazz, Blues, Spoken Word, and then some.

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