KPFA LSB Board Members

The Local Station Board has 26 members: 24 delegates (18 listener representatives (L) elected by listeners and volunteers; 6 staff representatives (S), elected by KPFA staff); one representative elected by KPFA’s associate station KFCF; and the KPFA General Manager (non-voting). Delegates serve 3-year terms and are limited to a total of two consecutive terms. At least one year must pass after the second term before a former delegate may run again.

The current LSB members are:


 Name  Class  

term began

term ends
Carole Travis
Listener Chair  2012  2015  1st
Ramses Teon-Nichols
Listener Vice Chair  2012  2015  1st
Barbara Whipperman
Listener Treasurer  2012  2015  1st
Craig Alderson
Secretary  2012 2015  1st
Tina Bachemin
Staff    2010  2014  1st
Mal Burnstein
Listener    2010  2014  1st
Brian Edwards-Tiekert
Staff    2012  2015  1st
Paula Erkkila
Listener    2010  2014  1st
Jose Luis Fuentes
   2012  2015  1st
David Gans Staff    2010  2014  1st
Donald Goldmacher  Listener    2010  2014  1st
Kate Gowen
Listener    2012  2015  1st
Mark Hernandez
Listener    2012  2015  1st
Cynthia Johnson
Listener    2010  2014  1st
Janet Kobren
Listener    2010  2014  1st
Jack Kurzweil
Listener    2010  2014  1st
Joy Moore
Staff    2012  2015  1st
Samsarah Morgan
Listener    2012  2015  1st
Andrea Prichett Listener   2012 2015  2nd
Mel Sanders KFCF rep    2012  2015  1st
Louis Sawyer Staff   2010  2014  1st
Franklin Sterling  Staff    2012  2015 1st
Dave Welsh
 Listener     2010  2014 1st
Burton White  Listener    2012  2015  1st
Margy Wilkinson Listener    2010  2014  1st

Pursuant to a September 2013 Pacifica National Board decision, positions whose terms were scheduled for elections in 2013 will have elections in 2014.

The Local Station Board elects four members every January to serve as directors on the Pacifica National Board. LSB delegates must have served a minimum of one year on the LSB before being eligible for election as a PNB director. In addition, LSB members serve on network-wide committees of Pacifica.

Listener reps: J.L. Fuentes, J. Kobren, M. Wilkinson,
Staff rep: B. Edwards-Tiekert

Committee members
The Pacifica national board maintains a number of standing committees composed of members of the national board and local station boards. Descriptions of the committees may be found in the Pacifica bylaws (Article VIII, sections 3 & 4). These are the committees and assignments for the current local station board.


Note: seats have not yet been filled for 2014



 Financial Recovery  
Louis Sawyer Staff    2010  2013  1st

LSB Election Info

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