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Past Elections: 2004|2003

Election Committee Meetings
The next meeting of the election committee will be on November 22nd from 7pm to 8:30 pm at KPFA.
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John Cleese Video on Proportional Voting

Board Composition
There are 22 candidates for 9 available seats for listener subscriber delegates to the Local Station Board. Every delegate is elected for a three year term. Terms will begin January 2007.
Dave Heller

I, Dave Heller, have been a KPFA listener and supporter for 8 years. I hold degrees in physics and architecture. I've been active in the Green Party and am a former board member of Californians for Electoral Reform, I was the campaign coordinator for Berkeley's 2004 Measure I campaign which is bringing Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) to this fair city.

There are gatekeepers of truth and ideas at KPFA.

A perfect example of what I'm talking about is the events of 9/11. I became skeptical of the events of 9/11 the day it happened. It did not take me too long to figure out that the government version of what happened was dreadfully wrong. I have waited 5 years for there to be a discussion about 9/11 from some of the "superstars" of KPFA. Instead, what I hear from these people is "I've looked at the web sites and I don't see any validity to the claims." I have repeatedly sent these people emails asking to have a discussion or to look at some information or ask a question or have a guest on their show. If I ever do get a reply, it is usually patronizing and never answers my question.

I know there are tens of thousands of people in the KPFA listening area who at least have deep concerns that there is something terribly askew with the official story. Yet the gatekeepers of the most prominent shows almost categorically refuse to have a discussion on the issue. In the rare event they finally do have a show on the subject, they have the weakest spokespeople in the 9/11 truth movement as a guest and focus on the most controversial evidence.

This, in my view, is a misuse of the precious resource that we, the listeners pay for and support. My reason for running for the board is to work for a better system of access to the station and make what goes on behind the scenes more transparent so that the average listener has a clue as to what is really going on behind the microphones of the station.

The microphones at KPFA are not as open as they should be. I will work towards a truly free speech radio.

Please rank me and the people on the slate at www.AllianceforademocraticKPFA.org as your first choices.

1. Why do you want to be on the Local Station Board?

I seek membership on the board to improve the stations programming

2. How do you envision the Local Station Board working with the Pacifica Foundation, KPFA and the community?

I would like to see more cooperation towards improving listenership. I would start by getting consensus on a common goal and try to get everyone to work towards a common goal.

3. How could the station better serve its listeners?

KPFA could better serve its listeners by being more transparent and open about the inner machinations of the station.

4. Describe some actions you would take to increase the influence of the station in underrepresented communities and to increase the diversity of the listening audience?

I would actively seek out strong spokespersons from underrepresented communities and have them as regular guests or have give them a show on a rotational basis.

5. What sources of funding, other than listener donations, do you feel KPFA should solicit?

I don't believe getting corporate or foundation money is a good idea. Too many foundations demand too much influence on programming. The only other option I think would be to seek money directly from the local, county or state governments as long as there are no strings attached.

6. Please state briefly the skills, experience, educational background, work history, organizational affiliations, areas of community service, areas of interest and expertise that you would bring to the Pacifica network as a member of the Local Station Board.

I have degrees in physics and architecture. I work as a builder. As such, I must keep complex schedules and work with various personalities and trades and keep everyone working happily and cohesively towards a common goal. I am a very reasonable person and I would be helpful in finding a common ground between disagreeing parties.

7. Do you anticipate missing any Local Station Board meetings due to family or job related problems or inadequate transportation?

I do not anticipate missing any meetings. I will take my position on the board very seriously.

8. On which Local Station Board committees* are you interested in actively serving? If you are a current Local Station Board member, on which committees do you currently serve?

I would be most interested in the Programming Committee