LSB meeting notice and agenda - August 2012

The next meeting of the KPFA LSB will be

August 4, 2012 11am-4pm
Redwood Gardens Community Room
2951 Derby Street, Berkeley CA  map

Redwood Gardens is on the grounds of the UC Clark Kerr campus. The entrance to Redwood Gardens is at the intersection of Derby St. and Claremont Blvd. Disability access is 100 feet east of the intersection, at Eastway Drive. To reach the Community Room from this entrance, make an immediate left after the gate and follow the walk.

Only street parking is available. This includes disability parking. Please note: Redwood Gardens is on the border of two permit parking zones. Area D restricts parking to 2 hours on Saturday. Area I does not restrict parking on Saturday, so you may park there all day.

The block that includes Redwood Gardens and the Clark Kerr campus is Area I. All parking on the same side of the streets bordering the campus is in Area I. All parking on the opposite side of the streets from the campus is in Area D. Take care in where you park, as parking tickets are approximately $50.

    KPFA  LSB Meeting
August 4, 2012 11am-4pm
Redwood Gardens Community Room
2951 Derby St., Berkeley, CA 
Item # Time Item Est start time
1   Call to Order  11:00 AM
2 10 Roll Call and Excusing of Absent Members 11:00 AM
3 10 Approve Agenda 11:10 AM
4 10 Approve Minutes 11:20 AM
6 5 Announcements 12:00 PM
7 5 Chair's report 12:05 PM
8 30 iGM Report  12:10 PM
9 120 Treasurer's Report 12:40 PM
10 45 Committee Reports:  PNB Committees, Development Committee, Personnel, Outreach, Technology, Staff Reports (CWA & UPSO) 2:40 PM
11 5 KFCF Report  3:25 PM
  10 Break 3:30 PM
12   Old Business  
20 Community Advisory Board 3:40 PM
13   New Business  
    4:00 PM
14   Adjourn 4:00 PM

LSB Election Info

KPFA Local Election Supervisor

  • 510-848-6767 ext 266


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