LSB meeting notice - October 2012 - resolutions submitted

Resolution on unpaid staff record-keeping
Submitted by David Gans 10/4/12

The KPFA LSB urges iGM Andrew Phillips to put in place within the next 60 days a system to track the hours of volunteer staff.  Reports shall be made by program hosts or supervisors.  Reporting must begin with the month of July 2012.  Reports will determine the eligibility of unpaid staff to vote in staff elections or recalls.  The KPFA LSB requests that the iGM report to the December LSB meeting on the implementation of this motion.


Resolution on October in-person meeting
Submitted by Sasha Futran & Mal Burnstein 10/4/12

In light of the fact that Pacifica's finances are extremely tenuous at best and the fact that an in-person meeting of the PNB costs upwards of $30,000, therefore, the KPFA LSB urges the Pacifica PNB to forego the in-person meeting currently being planned for the end of October.


Resolution on listener recall
Submitted by Mal Burnstein 10/4/12

Whereas the Pacifica Foundation so delayed the conduct of the election to recall Tracy Rosenberg that the Alameda County Superior Court declared it a probable violation of California law, and thus enjoined the counting of ballots already received; and

Whereas the Court left open the "possibility of establishing a new record date and mailing new ballots based on the signatures already collected"; and

Whereas the recall is a fundamental right given to foundation members by the foundation bylaws; and

Whereas the erroneous handling of the recall election so far is solely the responsibility of the Pacifica Foundation and not that of the foundation members who successfully petitioned for the recall; therefore,

The KPFA LSB hereby petitions the Pacifica PNB and the Pacifica ED to immediately set a new a new record date and immediately mail new ballots based on the signatures already collected so that the recall election may be finally conducted following the Pacifica bylaws.

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