LSB Minutes - April 2008

Fr: Susan McDonough
Re: Minutes from April 19, 2008 LSB meeting
Held at the Alameda Labor Council 11am-4pm
Dt: April 29, 2008

Item #1: Call to Order
Akio Tanaka
Ali Rezapour
Andrea Turner
Anthony Fest
Bonnie Simmons
Brian Edwards-Tiekert
Chandra Hauptman
Conn Hallinan
Dianne Enriquez
Henry Norr
Joe Wanzala
Lewis Sawyer
Naji Ali
Matthew Hallinan
PhoeBe Anne
Sarv Randhawa
Sasha Futron
Shahram Aghamir
Sherry Gendelman
Sureya Sayadi
Susan McDonough
Tico Chacin
Tracy Rosenberg
Warren Mar

Item #2: Introductions and Announcements

Item #3: Excusing Absent Members: Noelle Hanrahan

Item #4: Agenda Review and Approval
Motion to approve agenda, seconded and passed unanimously.

Item # 5: Minutes Review and Approval
Motion made and seconded to accept minutes from 3/9/08 meeting. Unanimous approval.

Item #6: Consent Calendar
Item #1 pulled from Consent, then motion made to approved, seconded, passed unanimously.

Item #7: Public Comment
Speakers: Jim Weber, Felipe Messina, Stan Woods, Brian S, Steve Zeltzer, Mara Rivera, Nancy Keiler.

Item #8: General Manager’s Report – sent to all LSB via email.

Item #9: Treasurer’s Report

Item #10: PNB Report
Motion made and seconded to put a motion on the May 10th delegates meeting regarding the June PNB meeting. Second motion made and seconded to establish an LSB committee to assist in the national fundraising/development plan. Approved. Joe W, Sherry G, Brian E-T elected by acclamation. Motion made and seconded to elect two people from the LSB to the Committee to Investigate Allegations of Racism and Sexism. Approved. Sureya S and Tracy R elected by acclamation.

Item #11: Committee Reports: GM Hire, Outreach
Outreach Committee: PhoeBe Anne to convene, all LSB members welcome to join.

Item #12: Ad-Hoc LSB Report to the Listener Committee
Motion: Resolved the LSB shall immediately elect a 5-person committee charged with evaluating and improving the LSB Report to the Listener, and developing proposals to normalize the LSB report production process to ensure that the LSB is not a “no-show” during its timeslot. Motion made and approved. Then 2 subordinate motions made, one then withdrawn and one voted down by a vote of 10 Yes, 12 No. Return to original motion (see above), vote Yes-15; No-7.
Committee: Lewis Sawyer, Warren Mar, Sasha Futran, Brian Edwards Tiekert, Shahram Aghamir.

Item #13: Governance Committee (BET)
Motion made and seconded: Resolved, the LSB shall immediately elect a standing 4-person Governance Committee by STV. The purpose of the committee shall be to review the LSB’s procedures and committee structure, and to recommend changes that will help the LSB discharge its duties and responsibilities more efficiently. The Governance committee shall initially be tasked with proposing a procedure for the LSB to conduct an annual self-evaluation. Friendly amendment made to have this committee report back to the LSB within 3 months. Motion seconded. Yes-14, No-4. Anthony Fest, Lewis Sawyer, Tracy Rosenberg, Brian Edwards-Tiekert elected by acclamation.

Item #14: Motion Re: LSB Workplan (BET)
The Local Station Board resolves to accomplish the following tasks by the 2008 meeting dates:
March 8 Complete HR/Legal Board Training – Completed.
May 10 Adopt a 2008 fundraising goal
June 14 Review Initial Budget for FY09; Finalize Plans for first Town Hall
July 12 Approve Budget for FY09; Finalize procedure for Board Self-Evaluation
Sept 13 Complete LSB Self-Evaluation
October 11 Complete General Manager Evaluation
Nov 8 Finalize Plans for 2nd Town Hall; Elect new Program Council Community Reps
Dec 13 Elect new officers
Motion made and seconded. No objections. Passes.

Item #15: Maker of Motion absent.

Item #16: Motion re: CAB (TR)
Motion made and seconded to postpone discussion of CAB and request the CABgive a report, its activities and plans at the May LSB. Vote: Yes – 11, No – 10.

Items #17: Motion re: Disability Access (CH)
Chandra reported that it is not a motion but a report and asked that it be postponed until June meeting.

Item #18: Motion re: KFCF Report (AR)
Motion made and seconded: The board to consider a regular monthly report of KFCF during the LSB meetings limited to 2 minutes. Approved.

Item #19: Motion re: iGM evaluation process – withdrawn.

Item #20: New business – none

Meeting Adjourned at 4pm approved LSB Minutes april ‘08 mtg

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