LSB minutes - February 2004, Delegates' meeting

KPFA Delegates Meeting
Wednesday, February 18th, 2004
West Berkeley Family Practice Clinic Auditorium

Delegates present constituting a quorum: Howard Beeman, Mary Berg, Max Blanchet, Steve Conley, Riva Enteen, Ted Friedman, Ann Hallatt, Mark Hernandez, Jane Jackson, Sepideh Khosrowjah, Michael Lubin, Max Pringle, Sarv Randhawa, Willie Ratcliff, Lisa Rothman, Fadi Saba, Gerald Sanders, Bonnie Simmons, Carol Spooner,
Marnie Tattersall, William Walker and LaVarn Williams

Delegates absent: Miguel Molina, Willie Thompson

Meeting convened and called to order by Susan Da Silva, former KPFA LAB Chair

I. Introductions
Mary Bishop named as Secretary pro-tem (by unanimous hand count)

Reading by Annie Hallett, poem by Gary Snider

Delegate self-introductions

Riva Enteen named as Chair pro-tem (by unanimous hand count)

II. Announcements

    Any delegate can nominate any other delegate to be considered for the Pacifica National Board of Directors.
    The first official meeting of the Local Station Board will take place on Saturday, February 28th at 11 am at the South Berkeley Senior Center.
    The first meeting of the new Pacifica National Board is scheduled for March 12-14 in Berkeley.
    Motion to vote for Staff Director first: 22 in favor, 1 abstention
    Les Radke, Elections Supervisor, was introduced.

III. General Public Comment Period

Ø Request for Jane Jackson to be nominated to represent disability concerns.

Ø Request for the LSB to be responsible and help to keep Pacifica strong.

Ø Poem read by visitor from the WBAI listening area.

Ø Attendance is important and should be considered when scheduling meetings.

Ø Request to send dark-skinned candidates and good communicators to PNB.

Ø Gus introduced and appreciation given to the audience. KPFK, WPFW and WBAI are minority-majority stations. If the Board is as well, those stations will stand to make more money.

Ø The iPNB term will be completed as of tomorrow.

Ø The pro-tem votes violated the bylaws. Such decisions need to be made by written, secret ballots.

Ø Request to consider gender balance when nominating and voting.

Ø KPFA and Pacifica need to stand against the imperialist system. The News and Public Affairs are not always radical enough.

Ø On March 9th, there will be an impeachment resolution presented to the Berkeley City Council. A rally will begin at 6 pm in front of Old City Hall.

Ø KPFA should look into withholding income tax for their employees.

Ø The eyes of the community are upon you now and you must address the internal imperialism and power sharing deficiencies.

Ø Let’s take community radio to the community by opening up station access.

Ø Request for greater youth representation.

Ø We need more repeaters in the outlying areas of our signal range.

Ø We reflect a larger movement to democratize the media, let’s break down the barriers between those inside the station and the listening audience.

IV. LSB Retreat Report Back

At the beginning of this segment, ballots were passed out to all LSB members to amend the mistakes made in the assignment of pro-tem positions. The results came back several minutes later as follows: Secretary: Mary with 23 votes, Chair: Riva with 22 votes (Max received one write-in vote.)

The LSB Delegates met on Sunday, February 15th for a meet-and-greet session and to establish ground rules. Jackie Cabasso was retained as the facilitator.

Ø The agreed upon ground rules are as follows:

Ø Listen with mutual respect.

Ø Raise hands to speak.

Ø Give everyone a chance to speak before speaking twice.

Ø Respect set time limits.

Ø Be succinct.

Ø Don’t repeat.

Ø Cooperate with the facilitator.

Also, the liability for elected Board Directors was discussed as well as the differences in the duties of the LSB and the PNB.

V. Delegate Announcements

On February 26th at 6 pm, there will be a party at KPFA for the LSB election participants.

The CDP is having a potluck on March 1st at 6pm at Cedar and Bonita.

Thanks to the Noodle Factory for providing tonight’s sound system.

KPFA needs to reinstate a prisoner-sponsorship program during its fund drives.

On February 20th at 7:30 pm, there will be a benefit for California’s 70,000+ striking grocery workers at the Humanist Hall in Oakland, 390 27th St.

An opportunity was given for all delegates to express their interest in becoming nominated to serve on the PNB.

VI. Open Nomination Period

The following delegates were nominated by their fellow delegates: (initials in parentheses will henceforth be used to identify candidates) Jane Jackson (JJ); Carol Spooner (CS); Miguel Molina (MM); William Walker (WW); Lavarn Williams (LW); Willie Ratcliff (WR); Mark Hernandez (MH); Steve Conley (SC); Gerald Sanders (GS); Sarv Randhawa (SR); Mary Berg (MB); Marnie Tattersall (MT); Ted Friedman (TF)

VII. Candidate Statements (Summarized)

CS: It is a Crouching Tiger year. We need to get our financial house in order and perform a management review. We need to provide good governance to address the issues facing us in these times.

WW: I am 24 years old and a former apprentice. I would like us to stop using the word ‘minority.’ Annual reports and planning are essential. Let’s move back to our mission and construct a national promotion strategy.

LW: How does the progressive left support its institutions? We need to maintain and improve quality, to provide monthly operational reviews and to improve our finances and restore our credit. I have an MBA in finance.

WR: We need to make sure we have a working organization. Let’s use and share our collective knowledge by bringing everything to the table and analyzing it. I want everyone in this country to be able to listen to Pacifica.

TF: I am a bridge-builder. I met and frequently worked with many people on the other LSBs. I am on friendly terms with those I know and don't have feuds with any. I have a 100% attendance record on the LAB. I traveled to most iPNB meetings at my own expense. Let's keep on following the Pacifica Mission.

MT: I am a team player and not a Prima Donna. (She then passed out copied of her resume.) Pacifica is worth half a billion dollars which is not chickenfeed. I can provide financial guidance.

MB: I saw the beginnings of the take-over in the 80’s. I have been involved in the crafting of the bylaws. I also have experience in running and growing businesses.

SR: Being on the PNB is a serious undertaking. No matter how many processes are established, the intent needs to be sincere. I will put effort into working out skirmishes within the network and I am not afraid.

MM: My business experience is surviving. I’ve learned to talk back. I escaped the fields and Vietnam by getting into radio. We are transforming KPFA from the inside, bringing access to the people.

GS: I take exception to the idea of consolidation. We need to be going out and getting new listeners. We are in a hostile environment, our society is anti-social and the Pacifica audience is an informed one. I have the fortitude to deal with our problems.

SC: I represent the work that all of us have done to get here. We need to realize that we may be dealing with hostility on the PNB, especially from New York. We have a need to reach out to our communities.

MH: Which comes first, Pacifica or our personal agendas? Pacifica should be a pulpit for all points of view. We need people on the PNB who will keep us true to our mission. Outreach and finances are issues. We should also look for alternatives, such as starting a credit union. We need to expand our vision.

JJ: I am surprised to be here. I am not a one-issue person, as my record will show. I’ve been to many of the national meetings and have visited all of the stations. I know who is being discriminated against and why.

VIII. Public Comments Period – Nomination Specific

Ø GS has a well-rounded history of political activism. There are going to be some characters on the board and GS will be able to deal with them.

Ø GS is our only labor delegate. He will not allow one dime to be spent on union-busting law firms, as has been done in the past.

Ø It is frustrating and painful to attempt to make any meaningful change in KPFA’s programming grid. The Program Council is being undermined right now. Please, keep this in mind when voting.

Ø I strongly support GS. I do not trust the ABC employee MT.

Ø SC is a hard worker and can see things from all people’s perspectives. Please, also consider gender equity.

Ø I support all four women being sent up to the national level from KPFA.

Ø I support CS, MT and WR to improve the finances.

Ø I support MM, WW and MB. No compromise in defense of KPFA.

Ø Vote for GS because of labor, MM because of Spanish and MB or JJ because of their hearts. I really don’t care about money if we lose the heart.

Ø CS will provide continuity and LW is downplaying her long history with KPFA.

Ø Pacifica is on the verge of bankruptcy, finances ARE important.

Ø CS is our guardian angel.

Ø We need people who will do the work, not just talk. CS has been very productive.

Ø CS for continuity, LW for expertise, GS for tenacity

Ø CS handled the listener lawsuit, she can admit when she is wrong and she possesses a great deal of information.

Ø Please remember that people from different socio-economic backgrounds have different skills to contribute.

IX. Delegate Statements and Q&A

Q: (TF of MT) Do you support Pacifica ahead of commercial media?

A: (MT) Of course I do. I do not know how to prove that to you but I can say that I bring a specific set of skills that will bring it to the next level.

Q: (Fadi Saba to all) How will you balance local and national control?

A: (CS) The national board should stay out of KPFA. I am in favor of local control.

(MT) All stations in the Bay Area have local control. I support it.

(SC) We need to work on both levels.

(MH) There needs to be cooperation between the two.

(JJ) We need to do prisoner sponsorship.

(TF) I like the way KPFA is run. I am not sure about the other stations and I don't

want them telling us how to run KPFA.

(LW) I like integration and have worked toward it in the past.

(GS) We need to have a national outlook and mutual trust.

(SR) The powers of the Pacifica Foundation are distributed and we need not fear

that any one party will be able to take control of the Foundation


(MM) Miguel attempted to speak but was interrupted.

(WR) I have fought for local control but there is a need for mutual support.

(MB) We are all connected.

(WW) Local control is important but we need national agreements, work toward trust.

Statement by Ann Hallatt: We are no longer individuals competing with each other, it is time for coalition building. The group we send to the Pacifica Board must be seen as a team embodying the various skills we are looking for. The specific skills of the team members are crucial. This election is for a one-year period and should be seen as a particular step forward as we create the infrastructure of the Pacifica organization, this year we need to focus on financial accountability, putting out the racial fires and creating infrastructure. My personal dream team is CS for continuity, SR for putting out racial fires, MT for finances, and WW for youth representation.

Motion to end the Q&A: 22 in favor, 1 abstention

X. Vote for Staff Director

The ballots were passed out and explained by Les Radke. Bonnie Simmons collected them and handed them in to the tabulation committee. All ballots will be stored in the National office. The group took a short break for the result to be calculated.

When order was resumed, the results were announced:

The threshold was 12 votes.

William Walker won with 13 votes.

Miguel Molina received 7 votes.

Mary Berg received 3 votes.

XI. Vote for Three Community Directors

The ballots were distributed and collected by Les Radke. The group took a second break.

When order was resumed, the results were announced:

The threshold was 6 votes.

Sarv Randhawa won in the 1st round.

Carol Spooner won in the 5th round.

Gerald Sanders won in the 8th round.

Before adjourning the meeting at 11:10 pm, Les Radke announced that the next round of elections is slated to begin on July 25th and volunteers are needed.

The following is an in-depth breakdown of the election results provided by Les Radke:

Staff Detailed Report


System: Instant Runoff Voting

Threshold Type: Droop

Simultaneous Drop: When mathematically inevitable

Ties: 1) Previous Round method

2) By election official

3) Random (by computer)


23 valid ballots.

Electing 1 candidate.

Winning threshold is 12 votes.

There were no invalid ballots.

(23 total ballots processed.)



ROUND 1 -- Tally of 1st place votes.


----------------------- ------------- ------------- ----

William Walker +13.00000 13.00000 ELECTED -- 1st round

Miguel Molina +7.00000 7.00000 DEFEATED -- 1st round

Mary Berg +3.00000 3.00000 DEFEATED -- 1st round

Write-in 0.00000 0.00000 DEFEATED -- 1st round

Max Pringle 0.00000 0.00000 EXCLUDED

Lisa Rothman 0.00000 0.00000 EXCLUDED

Bonnie Simmons 0.00000 0.00000 EXCLUDED

EXHAUSTED PILE: 0.00000 0.00000

TOTALS: +23.00000 23.00000

LSB Election Info

KPFA Local Election Supervisor

  • 510-848-6767 ext 266


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