LSB minutes - January 2005

KPFA  Local Station Board Meeting
Saturday, January 29, 2005, at 1:00 PM
Freight and Salvage Coffee House
1111 Addison Street,
Berkeley, CA.

Present for all or part of the meeting:     Howard Beeman, Mary Berg, Max Blanchet, Brian Edwards Tiekert, Riva Enteen, Ted Friedman, Annie Hallatt, Chandra Hauptman, Sepideh Khosrowjah, Attila Nagy, Eric Park, Richard Phelps, Rosalinda Palacios, Sarv Randhawa, Willie Ratcliff,  Fadi Saba, Bonnie Simmons, Debbie Speer, Carol Spooner, Marnie Tattersall, William Walker, LaVarn Williams, Joe Wanzala;  Roy Campanella, General Manager; Nancy Elsner, parliamentarian.     Notes taken by Eric Klein.

Absent: Sherry Gendelman, Lisa Rothman, Carol Spooner.

1:27 PM: Introductions and Announcements.

1:30PM:    Edwards Tiekert moves to excuse Sherry Gendelman’s absence. Seconded.
Walker moves to excuse Lisa Rothman's absence. Seconded.
Mary Berg moves to combine the absences. Seconded.
Ann Hallatt moves to excuse Carol Spooner, absence. Seconded.
Combined motion passes. The three absences are excused.

1:37PM:   Review / Approve Agenda.  The agenda is approved.

1:44PM:  Consent Calendar.
Berg moves to remove both COI resolutions from Consent Calendar  and  move them to the “Other [New] Business” section.  Motion passes.

1:50PM:   Approve the previous minutes.
Minutes of 12/18 meeting are approved without changes at this time.

Walker moves to strike 2 paragraphs  from P. 2 of the minutes of January 9th.   Motion passes
Minutes of 1/9 are approved as amended.

1:55PM:  Public Comment.

2:25PM:  Fadi Saba moves to vote on the inclusion of two written listener statements in the minutes of the meeting, provided they are submitted electronically. . Seconded.
First statement, on animal rights:   Motion fails.
Second statement by Laura Prives: Motion passes.  [note:  to date,  statement not available electronically to secretary]

2:35PM:  Report from the General Manager. [note:  to date,  statement not available electronically to secretary]

3:15 PM:  Time-sensitive:   Select LSB Reps on PNB Committees.
Select LSB Rep to Replace Steve Conley on  Program Council
The election and vote-counting was conducted by Les Radke, who submitted the following report of the election results:

Results of LSB Rep Elections at the KPFA LSB Meeting 1/29/05 (only 1st place votes shown):

1)    PROGRAM COUNCIL:           
Joe Wanzala         11        Elected.
Sarv Randhawa    10                                                      
Steve Conley          1

2)  PNB COMMITTEES - Two LSB Members Each Unless Otherwise Noted:
Governance Committee
Max Blanchet                           19        Elected
Mary Berg                                13        Elected
Sherry Gendelman                      1

Technology Committee
Joe Wanzala                             10        Elected
Sherry Gendelman                     9        Elected
Mary Berg                                  3

Audit Committee
Brian Edwards-Tiekert 16        Elected
Mary Berg                                13        Elected

PNB Committee of Inclusion (C.O.I.).
Two  LSB Members, One PNB Member Needed.
Joe Wanzala                             12.5     Elected
Rosalinda Palacios                      8.5     Elected
William Walker (PNB)               8.0     Elected

Executive Review Committee
Riva Enteen                              10        Elected
Sherry Gendelman                      7        Elected
Bonnie Simmons                         4      

Programming Committee
Bonnie Simmons                       8          Elected
Joe Wanzala                             6.33     Elected
Riva Enteen                              5.835
Annie Hallatt                             2.5

Elections Review Committee

Richard Phelps             9          Elected
Mary Berg                    7          Elected
Ted Friedman               3

Archives  Task Force - No Limit on Number of LSB Members.
Sepideh Khosrowjah                12        Elected
Bonnie Simmons                       11        Elected
Annie Hallatt                               7        Elected

Affiliates Task Force

Howard Beeman                      11        Elected
Chandra Hauptman                     6        Elected
Rosalinda Palacios                      6        Elected
Mary Berg                                  1        Elected
(Brian Edwards-Tiekert              1        Elected)  Declined by BET  at meeting 2/26.

3:37: Time Sensitive  Decide on  February meeting date.
Set Future Meeting Dates - many holidays on 4th Saturday .

Fadi moves that the Feb meeting be held Saturday. 2/ 26. Seconded. Motion Passes

It is moved and seconded that the next three meetings be on the 3rd Saturday:
March 19th,  April 16th  and May 21st.    Motion passes.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:05

LSB Election Info

KPFA Local Election Supervisor

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