LSB minutes - May 2005

KPFA Local Station Board Meeting minutes May 21st, 2005:


MINUTES as Approved 6/11/05
KPFA Local Station Board Meeting (Public Portion)
Sunday, May 21, 2005, at 11:00 AM
Freight and Salvage Coffee House
1111 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA.

11:12AM: Meeting called to order

Present for all or part of the meeting: Howard Beeman, Mary Berg, Max Blanchet, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Riva Enteen, Ted Friedman, Sherry Gendelman, Annie Hallatt, Chandra Hauptman, Mark Hernandez, Sepideh Khosrowjah, Attila Nagy, Rosalinda Palacios, Eric Park, Richard Phelps, Sarv Randhawa, Willie Ratcliff, Lisa Rothman, Fadi Saba, Bonnie Simmons, Debbie Speer (KFCF), Marnie Tattersall, JoeWanzala, William Walker, LaVarn Williams. Roy Campanella (GM). Notes taken by Eric Klein.

Late Arrivals: LaVarn Williams (11:29), Chandra Hauptman (11:36), Howard Beeman (after 12:05), Joe Wanzala (??)

Absent: Bonnie Simmons (excused).

Introductions and announcements.

Bonnie Simmons’ absence excused without objection

Approve the Agenda:

1:16AM Lisa moves to go into Executive Session at 1:00 as order of the day. Motion passes without objection.

Mark Hernandez moves to add to consent calendar a referral to GovCom of a policy re conflict of interest on the part of LSB member. Seconded. Passed without objection.

11:25AM: Agenda as amended approved without objection.

Consent Calendar: items #2 pulled by Richard, #3 pulled by Riva, Item #5 (conflict of interest referral to GovCom) added.

Riva moves to make #2 (June meeting date) time-sensitive. Seconded. Passes without objection.

Mark Hernandez moves to accept the consent calendar. Approved as amended, without objection.

11:35AM: Discussion: Today’s meeting is being recorded and webcast by indymedia at

11:37AM: Rosalinda steps down as Chair; asks Sherry Gendelman to take over. Discussion. Willie moves to accept Sherry as chair pro tem. Seconded. Approved without objection. Rosalinda steps down.

11:40AM: Public Comment.

12:32PM: GM Report (interrupted):

12:34PM: Riva and then Ted move that Rosalinda explain why she stepped down. Roll call vote is requested. Vote on roll call vote: Yes, 14. No, 5. Passes.

Sepideh calls the question on the original motion. Passes without objection; debate ended

12:39PM: Roll Call vote on the motion that Rosalinda explain why she stepped down:

9 Yes: Blanchet, Enteen, Friedman, Hauptman, Khosrowjah, Nagy, Phelps, Wanzala, Williams.

12 No: Berg, Hallatt, Hernandez, Palacios, Park, Randhawa, Ratcliff, Rothman, Saba, Speer, Tattersall, Walker.

2 Abstain: Beeman, Edwards-Tiekert.

Motion Fails.

12:45PM: GM’s Report: (Both the GM report and the Business Manager’s memo are appended to these minutes).

1:15PM Ted moves to consider the June meeting date at this time. Passes without objection.

Mark Hernandez moves to set next LSB meeting to June 11th , 11AM. Seconded.

Sepideh Khosrowjah makes substitute motion for June 5th.

Yes: 10

No: 10

Chair votes against, motion fails.

Vote on June 11th at 11:00AM:

Yes: 16

No: 1

Motion passes.

1:25PM: Riva makes resolution: We join the KPFA Unpaid Staff Organization in its recent unanimously passed resolution: "The UPSO general meeting of 5-10-05 protests the use of violence at KPFA to solve differences or for any other reasons. We are opposed to any hostile workplace

environment and we call on the station management to provide a work environment free of all forms of violence...”

Chair rules Enteen out of order. Enteen challenges the Chair’s ruling. Phelps calls for roll call.

Roll call vote:

10 Yes: Berg, Hallatt, Hernandez, Palacios, Park, Randhawa, Ratcliff, Rothman, Tattersall, Walker.

10 No: Beeman, Blanche, Enteen, Friedman, Hauptman, Khosrowjah, Nagy, Phelps, Wanzala, Williams.

3 Abstain: Edwards-Tiekert, Saba, Speer.

Challenge fails, Chair’s ruling stands.

1:40PM: PNB June Meeting - Fadi Reports. Many proposed venues not available or too expensive.

Berg proposes that the reception be held at the station on Saturday 6/18, catered by one or more of the vendors who provide the food for the phone volunteers. Passes without objection.

1:47PM: Public portion of meeting is adjourned.

BREAK: public requested to exit for executive session.


Addenda to the Minutes of Public Session Portion of the LSB Meeting 5/21/05:

1) CONSENT CALENDAR as Amended and Approved 5/21/05:

1. The July 16th and August 20th LSB meeting will start at 1:00 PM as the Freight & Salvage meeting venue is unavailable before that time (the "West Coast Live" show will be broadcasting from the F&S until noon on both of those days)

2-3. Pulled fom calendar.

4. Proposed by Riva Enteen: Resolved that when the LSB receives listener comments by e-mail, whoever responds to the listener shall cc (or bcc) the LSB so that we know how it was taken care of. If Lisa Ballard responds to the listener first, she shall make a note of that when she forwards the message to the LSB.

5. Added to calendar: Hernandez’ referral to GovCom of a policy re conflict of interest on the part of LSB member (text to be supplied to GovCom subsequently).


Saturday, May 21, 2005

The following report summarizes key objectives for KPFA over the next twelve months. Each objective fits within the three strategic areas of focus that I have consistently emphasized: 1 - to strengthen KPFA’s programming, operations and financial fundamentals, 2 - to expand KPFA’s base of listener subscribers, and 3 - to build better alliances with progressive organizations throughout KPFA’s signal area.


  1. Deliver FY 2005-2006 financial results as close to approved budget, current forecasts, and cost reduction plan as possible. In essence, the cost reduction plan will provide more than $400,000 in net dollars over 15 months.

  2. Accomplish FY 2005-2006 budgeted capital plans:

    1. ADA access accommodation.

    2. Building power supply and outage problems

    3. Start research and planning for the restaurant space renovation and for the subterranean water/flood problem.

  3. Renegotiate expiring union contract with the Communications Workers of America by the end of FY 2005.

  4. Complete employee job descriptions and performance reviews and evaluations for all.

  5. Publish an accurate, up-to-date, inexpensive KPFA personnel directory of paid and unpaid staff, including members of collectives. As part of this process a system for preparing quarterly updates will be put in place.

  6. Complete the search for and hiring of a Program Director before December 31, 2005.

  7. Launch KPFA online folio version by the end of FY 2005.

  8. Prep for and facilitate the June Pacifica National Board meeting in Berkeley in association with the national Pacifica office and LSB committee.

  9. Explore and facilitate processes for improving working relationships within the station and between the LSB and staff. These steps will be taken to develop greater understanding and trust within the KPFA community.

Respectfully submitted,

Roy Campanella II
General Manager
ext. 203

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