LSB Resolutions 2004

LSB Resolution on Haiti
Approved 3/27/04

At its meeting on March 27th, 2004, the KPFA Local Station Board voted
unanimously to pass the following resolution proposed by Willie
Thompson and amended by Sarv Randhawa:

The act of United States regime change in the sovereign democratic
state of Haiti sets a dangerous precedent for the world and has a
particularly destabilizing effect on Caribbean and Latin American
countries. What happened in Haiti is unethical and immoral and in clear
violation of international and federal laws for which the Bush
administrating should be held accountable. We now know the fact is that
the United States military, allied with Haitian drug traffickers and
convicted assassins, is implicated in the forcible removal of the
Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide from his elected office and
the mass murder of his followers.

As a broadcast media organization in the United State we demand a
Congressional review of the Bush administration's removal from power of
a foreign country's democratically elected leader. We note that in
recent history, this is not the first time the U.S. government has
acted in direct military retaliation against governments who differ in
their economic and political policies from that of the U.S. In this
call for justice, we join CARICOM and the Africa Union in condemning
the removal of a democratically elected president. We support the Truth
Act sponsored by Congress members Barbara Lee and John Conyers calling
for the immediate investigation into the role of the Bush
administration in the coup against Haiti.

We strongly condemn the role of the “free” press in this country in
its totally biased coverage of the removal of President Aristide by
force. Corporate media continue to report that President Aristide left
voluntarily when in fact he was forced out of office through deception
and coercion.

For the above stated reasons, the KPFA Local Station Board demands:

  • The unconditional and immediate return of President Aristide to
    Haiti so he can serve out his term of office until 2006. Only the
    Haitian people can make the decision to elect their government.

  • A congressional investigation into the role of the U.S. government
    in a) destabilizing the Haitian government and b) in implementing the coup d' etat.

  • An immediate end to the repression and daily attacks on Lavalas
    supporters and those demanding the return of President Aristide to

  • Support for Haitian refugees and the granting of Temporary Protective
    Status (TPS) to refugees from Haiti who are fleeing the terror of their
    home country;

  • The U.S. Marines be withdrawn from Haiti now!

In conclusion, we are alarmed by the audacity of the Bush
administration to forcibly remove an elected President from office in
total disregard for international norms and laws. We are highly
concerned at the overall level of negative images the U.S. has in
global politics, which reflect on all of us. As progressive members of
the global community, we strive with people and governments of the
world in total respected for their sovereignty-this precludes coercive
military attacks on foreign countries and their elected leaders.

In order to be consistent with the Pacifica Mission of social justice
and peace, the KPFA Local Station Board condemns the overthrow of a
democratically elected government by violent means and asks the U.S.
Congress to establish an appropriate committee to look into this urgent
matter and recommend actions to be taken to restore Mr. Aristide to his
democratically elected office.

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