LSB Resolutions 2012

KFPA Email Policy
Approved 3/3/12

Whereas, KPFA has an existing email policy (http://kpfa.lan/it/docs/KPFA%20Email%20and%20IM%20Policy ) and,

Whereas, there have been violations of that policy by staff and LSB members, and,

Whereas, such violations endanger KPFA's relationship with listener/members,

Therefore, be it resolved that the KPFA LSB endorses the email policy and urges going forward that all KPFA staff and stake holders familiarize themselves with the policy and carefully adhere to it;

Be it further resolved that

-- No bulk KPFA email should track users reading or forwarding of list messages or links contained in those messages without their explicit opt-in, except that it is permissible to embed code within messages sent by KPFA that will report open rates and click-throughs on embedded links back to KPFA and only to KPFA. This precludes the use of web cookies, third-party images, js, css or other trackable elements which could be used to identify individual recipients or their online activities.

-- No KPFA email lists, including membership lists, should be accessible to third parties i.e., non-Pacifica entities, without contractual restraints to prevent further sharing of those list or portions  thereof without the explicit opt-in of list members.

-- All bulk email sent to KPFA members should be archived and readily available for viewing in its original format and its entirety.

-- All emails to be distributed to the lists should be sent to and approved by the general manager and/or his or her delegate.

-- Guidelines for each list should be written by the general manager and moderators and be available for public viewing.


Resolution on Jackson Lewis
Approved 4/7/12

Whereas Pacifica Radio was founded to promote social justice, which includes efforts of working people to seek economic and political power through unions; and

Whereas employers and anti-union forces in this country in recent decades have escalated their attacks on workers' rights to organize; and

Whereas Jackson Lewis is a notorious national law firm that not only advises employers
on how to crush union organizing drives, undermine existing unions, and thwart workers from exercising their legal rights in the workplace, but in fact pioneered many of the legal strategies to do so; and

Whereas Jackson Lewis is condemned by the AFL-CIO as the number one union-busting law firm in the country; and

Whereas Pacifica National Board voted to hire Jackson Lewis on retainer; and

Whereas it is unacceptable for a single penny of listener contributions to be spent on the most notorious union-busting law firm in the country; and

Whereas it is a betrayal of Pacifica’s principles to hire or do business with such reprehensible, anti-worker firms, for any reason;

Therefore be it resolved that the KPFA local station board calls on the Pacifica National Board and the Pacifica executive director to wind down all relationships with Jackson Lewis as quickly as possible subject to prudent attention to the financial penalties of changing attorneys in ongoing litigation.


Resolution on payments by KPFA to Pacifica
Approved 5/5/12

Be it resolved that KPFA directors on the Pacifica National Board present a motion to the Pacifica National Board calling for the following:

1.   The purpose of Pacifica pay demands shall be clearly identified;

2.   Pacifica shall give proper notifications to the station general managers and business managers prior to any unscheduled attempts to withdraw funds from the bank accounts of local stations in advance of such attempts;

3.   That the Pacifica Foundation cannot take money out unilaterally; that a schedule of payments be provided by the Pacifica Foundation well in advance of deductions from KPFA.

4.   An audit of the Pacifica Foundation be undertaken if such schedule cannot be provided.


Resolution on unpaid staff record-keeping
Approved 10/4/12

The KPFA LSB urges iGM Andrew Phillips to put in place within the next 30 days a system to track the hours of volunteer staff. The system will include full contact information for each unpaid staff member, including name, address, phone numbers, and email address. Reports shall be made by program hosts or supervisors.  Reporting must begin with the month of July 2012.  Reports will determine the eligibility of unpaid staff to vote in staff elections or recalls.  The KPFA LSB requests that the iGM report to the December LSB meeting on the implementation of this motion.


Resolution on October in-person meeting
Approved 10/4/12

In light of the fact that Pacifica's finances are extremely tenuous at best and the fact that an in-person meeting of the PNB costs upwards of $30,000, therefore, the KPFA LSB urges the Pacifica PNB to forego the in-person meeting currently being planned for the end of October or early November.


Resolution on listener recall
Approved 10/4/12

Whereas the Pacifica Foundation so delayed the conduct of the election to recall Tracy Rosenberg that the Alameda County Superior Court declared it a probable violation of California law, and thus enjoined the counting of ballots already received; and

Whereas the Court left open the "possibility of establishing a new record date and mailing new ballots based on the signatures already collected"; and

Whereas the recall is a fundamental right given to foundation members by the foundation bylaws; and

Whereas the erroneous handling of the recall election so far is solely the responsibility of the Pacifica Foundation and not that of the foundation members who successfully petitioned for the recall; therefore,

The KPFA LSB hereby petitions the Pacifica PNB and the Pacifica ED to immediately set a new a new record date and immediately mail new ballots based on the signatures already collected so that the recall election may be finally conducted following the Pacifica bylaws.

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