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KPFA is greatly indebted to our listener-supporters for making our programming possible. We do not accept any corporate sponsorship or underwriting, and depend almost entirely on listener donations to keep the station on the air. Without you, KPFA would not exist.

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding your subscription to KPFA, including premiums, payments, and membership benefits. Many thanks to all of our supporters, with extended gratitude to those who donated during our most recent fund drive.

Where's my Premium!?!

During each fund drive, KPFA offers close to 500 different items as thank you gifts to donors at various levels. This amounts to around 10,000 premiums being shipped every 3 months! With a very small staff dedicated to ordering shipping these items, it may take longer than you'd hoped to receive your gift. We're working on making it possible for you to look up your premium's status on this web page. Please be patient.

When you donate to KPFA, you assure that KPFA will be available to you for the months and years to come. You can get what you paid for 24 hours a day at 94.1FM and 89.3FM in Berkeley, 88.1FM KFCF in Fresno, and online at The donation you made is put to work continuing and strengthening the programming you support. Without you, the great radio you hear on KPFA could not exist, and to thank you, we offer various gifts in return for your support.

Why does it take so long to get my premium?

KPFA is a radio station. We have no warehouse in which to store books, CDs and DVDs, and we invest most of your donation into our programming. Due to limited space and procurement funds, we only order as many copies of each premium as were requested. We cannot begin to order premiums until all of the pledges (usually over 8,000!) are entered, and all of the data has been organized, and this may take up to two weeks after the fund drive is over to be completed. At this point, the ordering process begins, and with only 3 people ordering 500 different items from close to 100 different sources, it can take some time. You probably couldn't begin to guess what kind of hurdles we hit trying to order certain items, and these hurdles set back the process even further. By the time the next fund drive starts, we often still have a couple dozen items that have yet to be received. We apologize for this, and can only ask for your patience and understanding until our orders come in.

What if I get sent the wrong premium?

KPFA sends out thank you letters for every pledge/donation you make as soon as the fund drive is over. In that mailing, there is a slip of paper listing your name and address, as well as the amount of your donation and the gifts you requested. If the gifts listed on this slip are not correct, please contact us immediately at We will correct it in our database and you will be shipped the correct premium. If you wait too long after receiving your thank you letter, it may be difficult for us to make the correction, so please read through the material we send as soon as possible after receiving it. If we don't correct the mistake in time, and you receive something you did not request, email us at to make arrangements for an alternative, as the item you wanted may no longer be available at that time.

What do I do if my CD or DVD is broken or does not play?

Because KPFA's subscriptions department is so short staffed, it may be easier to deal with getting a replacement directly from the distributor. Democracy Now! DVDs will be replaced directly from Democracy Now! when you email Justicevision's famous 6 hour DVDs (you'll see their name on the disc) can be replaced by emailing Be sure to tell them that you received the disc as a premium from KPFA's fund drive. KPFA will deal with all other replacement issues when you email

How much do I have to donate to be a member of KPFA?

The basic membership level is $25 per year, or 3 hours of volunteer work per year.

What are the benefits of being a member of KPFA?

Besides knowing that you made your favorite independent programming possible, KPFA invites you to participate in the election process for our Local Station Board (LSB). Every member of KPFA can run as a candidate for the LSB and will be mailed a ballot to vote for LSB candidates. Remember, democracy only works if its constituents actually participate. Get informed and get involved! Visit

How can I change my monthly payments, bank information or my address?

If you would like to change your monthly payment amounts, bank information, or your mailing address, simply email

  • For issues regarding your premium: subscriptions [at]
  • For volunteering information: eden [at]
  • For issues regarding your monthly payments: eft [at]
  • For changes to your bank information: eft [at]
  • For changes to your address: eft [at]
  • For information about KPFA elections: visit

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