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The Morning Mix with Sabrina - November 18, 2013 at 8:00am

The Morning Mix, for November 18, 2013 - 8:00am

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after hearing the Monday am

after hearing the Monday am show I feel that Sabrina did a great job with her host, and I got a lot out of the discussion, I will always listen to her. and just tuned in...

Sabrina Jacobs does an

Sabrina Jacobs does an excellent job of asking probing questions and drawing illuminating answers from her guests. she knows her topic, speaks from experience. keeps her guests comforable.

I am a listener of this

I am a listener of this program and I have to say that I am very pleased with what Sabrina is doing and how she addresses the issues in our community. I as a community member, find her program to be on point with the views that we are addressing. The comments made by the woman above is proof of why WE as a community must have outlets like this program. We are continually being attacked by people who have not experienced the atrocities inflicted by racist white America. It has not been until NOW that the world is seeing taking notice how there is a class of people here that hate people of color here. They hate our babies and our elders. They look at us as animals when in fact they are the animals. Our children can be killed, sold and tampered with all on a Democratic watch! Get Out of here!

I support Sabrina and all that she does! The community supports what she does! We rebuke the evil people who are afraid of the truth and who attempt to further enslave us with that racist white fallacy that kills us! Mrs. Nancy should get from behind her computer and get into the community she is afraid of. We are here, growing, uniting and we will not be moved! Not by your words or fear!

You all are side stepping the

You all are side stepping the real issue.the white male used black children as alligator bait! He used black woman's breast for tobacco pouches.if your not teaching your kids the truth their deaths are your fault.single mothers children are food for the beast!.Wheres anonymous when black children are killed? wheres latinos when blacks are killed?wheres the black &white feminist when a young girl gets shot in the face? All of you are fake and phony as long as you work for white people.

segregation now for a

segregation now for a brighter future for the planets first people!

Sabrina should NOT be hosting

Sabrina should NOT be hosting a program - especially at such a critical hour. She is very unprofessional, and her analysis is often very naïve. She takes good topics and covers them very badly. An example - today she interviewed a woman who tries to find young women who were obviously sex workers, young though they may be. (I can't remember the term they kept using - "being sold as sex slaves" or some such. And the analysis didn't include any of the reasons young women would become sex workers. Interestingly the 10AM hour was also about sex workers, from a very different perspective - including the damage that using terms that criminalize the workers, etc. causes.
Sabrina gushes, adds little regarding good questions, deep comments or reflections. I appreciate that you want to bring an enthusiastic young woman of color along, but I think you do her, and us, a disservice by giving her BAD practice on air. Put her with a good senior host who can mentor her, and she will likely grow up to be a good host. But now she just ruins my radio listening on Mondays - "oh no, here she goes again." And she is sandwiched between Up Front and Democracy Now, which is even worse, because if I turn her off I often don't get back to Democracy Now. Maybe let her work on Hard Rock for a while.
I'm not much of a proponent for the Morning Mix anyway - there are a couple of useful hosts - Project Censored folks often do a good job, Poor News is often informative, etc. But NOT SABRINA'S MONDAY START OF THE WEEK!!!
I say all this at risk of being seen as a racist, classist, ageist, liberal white person, but I've checked myself over and over about her, and I think my critique is legitimate and should be taken seriously. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

You are the typical fake

You are the typical fake corny liberal white person. Maybe you should stick to democracy now since they dont have one black person on their staff,just cornt fake white libs like yourself and disgusting pale arabs!!!!!

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