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Guns and Butter - January 15, 2014 at 1:00pm

Guns and Butter, for January 15, 2014 - 1:00pm

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Guns and Butter

"Public Banking 2013" with Marc Armstrong (Re-Edit).  Key benefits of public banking; state and county banks; common misconceptions; commercial, wholesale and investment banking; Public Banking Institute; Trans Pacific Partnership; Fast Track; Cyprus banking crisis; Dodd Frank; 2005 Bankruptcy Law; derivatives a threat to depositors; FDIC/BOE document.

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Ellen Brown of this Public

Ellen Brown of this Public Banking Inst. discussed that States received funds and wanted to maintain profitable control of them (to take more profilt) so they would build Public Housing, which could be used to claim rent funds given to various renters (often poor and minority disenfranchised people, single mothers, people lacking all means). Where were the opportunites or conditions being improved upon review? They select the tenants and make clear that no toleration of complaints, handling of paperwork, organization of tenants, requests for better living, was allowed. Other references claim that auto dealers are given land because of auto sales taxes, and stadiums are built for ticket taxes.. However none of it seems to be associated economically viable enterprise. It all depends upon some focus on being a middleman, without providing any beneficial affect which is not already expected to be provided by government funds in case of Public Housing projects and stadiums. As for sales taxes they seem to have no clear focus I can really say this is what it should be for.. The Public Banking Inst. is one of the campaign promises which offers a diversion, and ul;timately will assist those in office not any social model.

When you have a bank that can

When you have a bank that can offer limitless funds for prisons, and for collection of the loans, you're in trouble. Look at student loans, which can not be discharged. Look into public housing, which covers up all of its malfeasance and theft from landlord misfits, and threatens tenants with Minister Farakkan security squads in Chicago. Ultimately they shot Elenor bumpers point blank with a shot gun..They dropped a bomb on a project in Philadelphia. The comparison is not to the private loan portfolio but to a public loan portfolio. This guy really has no research. He is telling us propaganda. What will the Court do if you bring a case against a public ownership corporation. Courts will no longer be a separate branch if they have to uphold the liquidity of the State, since it would not be prudent to break the back of the State, as a Court.

This is largely an unexamined issue which would require so much conceptual development, and a logical estimation of the powers involved. Who do the collections work for? He mentions a Trans Pacific Partnership. The elevation of banking above trade is contrary to the type of trade we are doing now. We buy on credit from suppliers wanting access to future development potential. The elimination of the foreign strategies brings more risk and failure to my doorstep, as well as some basic potential. But look at the types of economies and political systems which exist amidst the economic models which do produce much of the traded products that we buy. They have a potential we might not be able to live with, which is that of a an unlimited junta, beyond NSA phone records collections. Research the management of public housing data under the Patriot Act. A warrantless search does not begin to explain the sort of block committee surveilance by brainswashed State goons which goes on in Public Housing. I would buy popcorn and feed it to the ducks with my money before putting it into a Public Bank with any kind of military utility apparatus.

It we as a people listen to this moron, we might as well flush ourselves. Our politicians can't even run public apartment rentals without stop and frisk.. Wait until you get to work ..

Important show and well

Important show and well delivered. Public banking makes good sense as put forward here.

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