KPFA LSB Committees

Election Committee

The Election Committee helps prepare for and conduct KPFA station board elections.

Outreach Committee

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee oversees the annual audit of the station's books and does not include Finance committee members.

Committee of Inclusion

The Committee of Inclusion monitors under-representation of communities with respect to station programming, staffing and election candidates, and work to improve the diversity.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews and recommends the annual budget for board approval and monitors and reports the station financial activities.

GM Hire Committee

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee regularly reviews the Foundation's bylaws and policies for governance of Board activities.

Personnel Committee

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee insures that programming at the station meets and fulfills the Foundation's purposes as stated in the Articles of Incorporation.

Technology Development Committee


LSB Election Info

KPFA Local Election Supervisor

  • 510-848-6767 ext 266


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